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Nasrin Khanjari
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Born (1984-09-11) September 11, 1984 (age 39)
Yazd, Iran
  • director
  • Dramatist
  • puppeteer

Nasrin Khanjari (نسرین خنجری, born September 11, 1984 in Yazd, Iran )Is an Iranian Dramatist,Theatre director and puppeteer. She is mostly known for her play-scripts for children. She also writes film and animation scripts as well as stories and songs for kids and adults.

Personal life

Nasrin Khanjari was born in September 1984 in Yazd as the second child in a family of three children (an older sister and a younger brother). Her father was a well-known researcher and a great public speaker on Zoroastrianism and their folklore cultures. As a cultural activist, he also has published three books regarding Zoroastrianism and written and directed several plays for Zoroastrian festivals. Her grandmother, as a native storyteller, had also an especial impact on her life and interest in folklore literature shaping Nasrin’s career in writing and theatre.


Nasrin spent her early education in National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents of Iran (National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents|SAMPAD, Farzanegan) and then she studied Architecture engineering (B.A.) in the Tehran University of Art. Later she changed her field and received her M.A. in Drama Directing from the faculty of Cinema and Theater in the Tehran University of Art and at the same time started writing professionally.

Expanding Career

As a playwright, Nasrin wrote her first professional play-script "Mahpishuni" based on a folklore Persian tale about a girl who has a moon on her forehead. The play was directed by Nasrin herself and performed in the form of puppet show in the 11th international puppet theater festival of students. It was awarded for the best play script once in 2008 and for second time in 2010 in the 13th international puppet festival of Tehran- Mobarak and subsequently got published.Since then, she continued writing scripts and songs for children from which number of several are awarded and published. She works as a freelancer writer and has worked with many important national organizations like Kanoon and IRIB. Many of her works are written based on Persian folklores and myths and some of them are rhyming. She has also made qualified adaptations of other Persian writers' children stories like Samad Behrangi and Susan Taqdis.She has published some of her researches and reviews of theatre as books or in journals too.

She is also well known for her puppetry career as Bahar. Bahar (means Spring) is the name of her string puppet (marionette) with which she has performed, as the first woman puppet busker in Tehran since 2009, for more than one decade. She is the member of UNIMA, ASSITEJ and Iranian Theatre Forum. In 2017 she joined the Compagnie Papier-Theatre in France for a Dramaturgy course and also performed as an actress in one of their productions "Un Secret De Rue"[1], Performed in the Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marrionettes, Charleville-Mezieres in the same year.[2]


·       Winner of the prize for writing the best play at 26th International Theatre Festival for Children & youth of Iran(2019)

·       Nominated of the prize for writing the best Film-Script at 30th International Film Festival for Children & youth of Isfahan, Iran(2017)[3]

·       Selected book for the "Flying Turtle List", The list of the Best Children Books of the Year in Iran, (2013)

·       Winner of the prize for writing the best plays at 13th and 14th International Puppet Festivals of Tehran, Iran,(2010[4] & 2012[5])

·       Winner of the prize for writing and directing the best play at the 1st City Theater Festival of Tehran,(2011)

·       Winner of the prize for writing the best plays at 11th and 12th International Students’ Puppet Festivals of Tehran, Iran,(2008 & 2010)


Play-script book

·       "Crows, Dolls, Human Beings", (کلاغها، عروسکها، آدمها) published by Afraz agency (2020)

·        “Arash”, (آرش) published by Namayesh agency(2014)

·       “The missed Guest”, (مهمان جامانده) published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents, Kanoon (2013)

·       “And That Was Mahpishuni …”, (ماه پیشونی چنین بود) published by Nowruz-e-Honar agency(2009)

·       "the Bald Pigeon Fancier"[6] [7](کچل کفترباز)[8] to be published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents, Kanoon


·       "Bahar", (بهار) An Auto Ethnographic research on Busking in Iran, published by ASSITEJ agency, (2020)

·       “Golbanu & Vabiz", (گلبانو و وابیز) A Semiotic essay in “Armin Nameh” research book, published by Fravahr agency (2018)

·       “Iranian Zoroastrians’ Theater”[9], (تئاتر زرتشتیان ایران) A historical research book published by Afraz agency (2015)

(The only available reference book for researchers regarding Zoroastrian Theatre.)

Audios and Videos

·       "Zanburak", (زنبورک) A music Album for children, published by Zanburak band, (2019)

·       "Spring", (بهار) A music Track, published by Fitileh band, (2019)

·       "Mouse, Mouse", (موش تا موش) A musical theatre for children, published by Javan agency,(2018)

·       "Ghelgheli's Adventures", (ماجراهای قلقلی) A visual Album for children, published by Avay-e-Fardad agency (2016)

·       "That woman's tale", (حکایت آن زن) A Persian Opera, to be published by BAM International agency

Television Productions

·       "Corona Virus", (کرونا) Health content based Animation Series, on Channel 1 and 7 of IRIB, (2020)

·       "Bobble Fish", (ماهی بادکنکی) Animation Series for children, on channel 2 and Pouya of IRIB, (2018, 2019, 2020)

·       "For Ever", (تا همیشه) A TV show, on channel 2 of IRIB, (2015)

·       "Salt", (نمک) Health content based Animation Series, on Channel 2 and 7 of IRIB (2012)

Other Play-Scripts

·       Pulse ( نبض, about Avicenna), 2020[10]

·       Little Black Fish (ماهی سیاه کوچولو)

·       There Is No Room for Jerks (جایی برای آشغالها نیست), 2019

·       Toranj (ترنج), 2018

·       Silver-Ball Moon (یه گوله ماه نقره ای), 2016

·       Looking for Spring (به دنبال بهار), 2016

·       Nowruznameh (نوروزنامه , Performed in the Nowruz festival of University of Michigan, Rackham Auditorium), 2015

·       Olduz and the Crows [11][12], (الدوز و کلاغها), 2015

·       Leg's Running Away (فرار پاها), 2015

·       Alimardan-Khan and the Wishes' Key (علیمردان خان و کلید آرزوها), 2015

·       The Eleventh Step (قدم یازدهم), 2015

·       Messy Boy and His Red-Button Coat (پسرک بی نظم و کت دگمه قرمزی اش), 2015

·       My Magic Beans (من و لوبیای سحرآمیز), 2011

·       Lollypops' Garden (باغ آبنبات), 2010

·       Grandmother's House (خونۀ مادربزرگ), 2009

·       Fox and Crow (روباه و کلاغ), 2009


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