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US Registered Trademark
IndustryCybersecurity, risk assessment
Founded2020; 3 years ago (2020)
FounderMohamed Amer
HeadquartersWilmington, Delaware, United States
Area served
  • SaaS Portal
  • Third-Party Risk
  • Finished Software Analysis Reports
Number of employees

Murkyware is a US-registered cyber security organization that specializes in conducting country-specific software risk assessments and helping protect organizations against hidden threats. Murkyware, which began in 2020, is the first software profiling service in the world.[1]


Murkyware was founded in 2020 by Mohamed Amer to help organizations assess supply chain threats and manage unknown cybersecurity risks. Based in Delaware, United States, Murkyware is a trademark of LAMER Group LLC and is the world’s first software profiling and monitoring service for use against third-party and questionable software.

Murkyware combines technical, legal, and geopolitical threats of third-party software, along with their potential impact on organizations, into one full and downloadable software profile.[2]


The services provided by Murkyware can be availed by users with the help of the features mentioned below.

  1. Intelligible Search Capability: Users can search for software profiles by software name, email address, domain, IP address, hash, or country.
  2. Encyclopedic Software Profile: Here, users will be able to discover and monitor hidden software risks using publicly available information.
  3. Software Profiling As a Service: Optionally, users can submit service requests for profiling third-party software for their organization.

Products & Services

Murkyware helps users evaluate the risk level and potential dangers associated with third-party software. The platform allows companies to identify unknown threats and streamline their investigations using the Murkyware profiling service. Users can also create portfolios to monitor software threats against their organization and receive email notifications whenever a software change is detected.

Murkyware documents source material related to its research and uses publicly available information and sandboxing[3] to conduct its third-party software analysis. It provides a complete analysis report with the risks associated, which can be downloaded by the said company.

Murkyware offers four different subscription plans: free, standard, professional, and enterprise. Each of these plans has unique advantages.

Murkyware has aided in the profiling of many software like 360 Total Security, Check Point VPN, Kaspersky Anti-virus, Data Recovery Wizard, Disk Drill, Driver Easy, MakeMKV, pCloud, PDFescape, Remote Utilities, and Wave Browser, to name a few.


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