Mudassir Javed Hashmi

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Mudassir Javed Hashmi

مدثر جاوید ہاشمی Mudassir Javed Hashmi in 2018

YouTuber and Blogger
16 April 1996 - 27 December 2022
Known For Determination and success on YouTube

fighting incurable illness

Channel The Android Guy DK (deleted), Dr. DK
Personal details
Born Mudassir Javed Hashmi

16 April 1996 Rawalpindi,Pakistan

Citizenship Pakistan
Father Javed Ahmed Hashmi
Siblings Mubashir Javed Hashmi, Muzammil Javed


Death 27 December 2022 Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Mudassir Javed Hashmi (Urdu: مدثر جاوید ہاشمی; born on 16 April 1996), also known as "The Android Guy Dk" and "Dr. DK" was a Pakistani YouTuber and blogger and known for his hard work on YouTube even with incurable cardiac illness.

Early life, Illness and Education

When he was studying in class 5th, parents of Mudassir came to know that Mudassir was suffering from a serious cardiac illness. He was then initially operated for his illness in AFIC (Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology) Rawalpindi. That unfortunate operation was not completely successful and in result, Mudassir had to live a life without walking, cycling, running, without doing any physical activity and staying in reset position taking multiple pills for the rest of life.

YouTube Career[1]

Mudassir started creating videos on YouTube in 2012 even without any monetization facility because at that time monetization policy of YouTube was not launched in Pakistan. When he started creating videos, he only had an old model of QMobile with 512 MB of RAM and 16 GB storage. His channel was all about tech tutorials and he was very passionate about his work.

Due to his illness, many times he felt hopeless but not stop creating videos on YouTube. His hard work became fruitful due to eligibility of YouTube monetization in Pakistan and he started earning money which was enough for his expense.


Mudassir was awarded with Silver Play Button by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki when his channel completed first 100,000 subscribers.

Achieving Dreams

From a low budget phone, he managed to earn at his own and made his dream true by buying expensive Computer, Camera, Laptop and setting up his studio for work on YouTube.

Deletion of The Android Guy DK[2]

When his channel named The Android Guy DK became popular with 350,000+ subscribers, he received community strikes and suddenly his channel went deleted from YouTube. It was the only hope of Mudassir so, it was a very devastating thing to see his channel terminated. He tried contacting YouTube to recover it back but everything went in vein.

Even after too much financial loss Mudassir didn't lose hope and created a new channel starting from the beginning.

Dr. DK

Inspired of the previous channel's name, Mudassir named his new channel as Dr. DK. His family members had assign this name to him as a nick name.

Starting from zero and downfall from the peak was a very challenging situation for him but he stayed tuned and also worked with his blog to earn little income. Before completion of 10,000 subscribers on the new channel, he left the world.


He was suffering with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot) and after a great struggle he died on 27 December 2022 in Rawalpindi, Paksitan.


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