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Moonverse Marketplace
  • Ohad Dahan
  • Tania Tse
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Key people
  • Ohad Dahan
  • Tania Tse
ProductsNFT Marketplace

Moonverse Marketplace is a Solana-based non-escrow NFT marketplace created with the aim to further the Profile Picture (PFP) initiatives and enhance the NFT environment by advocating for transparency and open-source. It was founded in 2021 by Ohad Dahan and Tania Tse, with a goal to create a meaningful intellectual property marketplace where buyers can meet sellers. It brings together artists, and crypto enthusiasts it's marketplace to create and trade top NFTs.[1]

Moonverse Marketplace is the first product from Moonverse, a multi-chain Social Metaverse building a theme park-style open world and 3D avatar scaling solutions for Collectibles NFT. The Moonverse team includes avid NFT collectors, players, and game developers dedicated to making a difference in the community as a whole. A core part of Moonverse is having a social metaverse to empower the NFT space.[2]


The Moonverse Marketplace allows users to list or delist their NFT without requiring you to leave their wallet. Unlike any other NFT marketplace, as users don't have their NFTs in the marketplace and they have NFTs connected to their wallets only, it drastically secures their NFTs with no issues for verifying with DAO bots.

It comprises a number of unique features including the incorporation of non-escrow function, offering low fees to feature NFTs on the marketplace, and giving out sustainable token incentives such as DeFi rewards, daily quests, and trading bonuses. Not only that, but this unique marketplace also provides 24/7 support to its users to ensure a satisfactory experience.


Several artists have listed their NFTs on the Moonverse Marketplace, some of them are SolSheep, Solana Monkey Holidays, Loafz, Lucky Kittens, Lost Lynx Society, Shukutai Dino, Panda Street, Chicken Tribe, Degenerate Ape Academy, Boneworld, Sol Monkey University, DA Gangasta Pandas, Pesky Penguins, Meerkat Millionaires Country Club, The Krooks and several others.


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