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Molly Blakeley
Molly Blakeley.jpg
Born (1973-10-08) October 8, 1973 (age 50)
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Molly Bz Inc.
  • The Cookie Cooker
  • The Alaskan Love
  • Cookin crazy style with Molly B
  • How to be fearless in business Author
Known forMolly Bz cookies
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Spouse(s)Aaron Poland
ChildrenEmerald, & Anni Mahurin (Daughters), Luke Poland (Son)

Molly Blakeley (October 8, 1973) is an American serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and host. She is the founder and CEO of Molly Bz Inc.,[1] a national cookie company. Within 15 years, she has founded over 13 businesses, some of which were successful and have been sold at great profits.[2]

Blakeley has authored a book titled “How to be Fearless in Business,” a comprehensive guide to starting your own business.[3][4]

Early life & education

Blakeley was born on October 8, 1973, in Idaho, USA. She grew up in a rural town in Alaska while watching her parents undertake various small businesses, which inspired her to be an entrepreneur. At 13, Blakeley started her first business by putting rhinestones on jeans and jackets.


In 2018, Blakeley founded Molly Bz, a premium gourmet cookie brand.[5][6] She started the business with $150 after suffering a huge setback in her previous venture.[7] The company initially functioned at Blakeley's home and soon gained global recognition and popularity. The company's boozy-themed cookies are currently its bestseller, with flavors in whiskey, rum, cinnamon whiskey, and amaretto. Furthermore, the brand has been featured on the Forbes list "Top 150 startups in 2019" and has been endorsed by Ghirardelli. The cookies can be found on Amazon, Great Wolf Resorts, Faire, Man Crates, Snack Magic, QVC, Touch of Modern, Zulily, and Dallas Cloud kitchens, across 100 boutique shops, and most recently Target Cafe’s. They have also been featured on the Wheel of Fortune prize wheel and as an item in the international Emmy awards gift bags and Oscar gift bags. The company's products are being sold in over four countries. On top of that, the brand has also collaborated with an airline company.[8]

Blakeley is also the founder of Cinnapuns, a clothing brand that designs and sells apparel and gear featuring baking puns and graphics.

She is the author of a book titled "How to be Fearless in Business,"[9] which outlines the steps to entrepreneurial success and acts as a guide to starting one's own business. It launched #1 on Amazon as a new release. The book discusses all the vital topics and delivers knowledge about branding, logo, licensing registration, and other necessary steps to get the business started and sustained.

Blakeley is also the host of a TV show named "Cooking Crazy Style with Molly B." The show telecasts on FOODYTV Network, wherein Blakeley can be seen cooking dishes and sharing recipes, accompanied by a tour of restaurants and homes in Alaska.

Blakeley also runs a podcast show titled "Big Ideas in Small Business." Her podcast shows successfully runs across various music apps, radio, and TV channels, including Spotify, anchor, breaker, iHeart radio, pocket cast, radio republic, and overcast.[10]

As a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Blakeley has been featured in several leading publications, magazines, and TV shows.

Awards & recognitions

  • Who’s who among high school students (1992)
  • Young Women of the year (1992)
  • Hasbro Monopoly National championship runner-up (1999)
  • World Tavern Poker Alaska Champion (2015)
  • Top 150 start-ups Forbes (2019)
  • Top 10 Self-made Men and Woman CEO weekly (2022)

Personal life

Blakeley currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska, United States. She has remarried Aaron Poland and is a mother to her children Emerald, Anni Mahurin, and Luke Poland. During her free time, Blakeley enjoys spending time with her family, going to restaurants with friends, and watching her son play football.

In the media



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