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Molly Arbuthnott
Molly Arbuthnott.jpg
Born (1987-03-03) March 3, 1987 (age 36)
Dundee, Scotland
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
Alma mater
  • St Andrews University
  • Canterbury Christchurch University
  • Glasgow University
Height5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
  • Charles Arbuthnott (father)
  • Lindsay Arbuthnott (mother)
  • Magnus Arbuthnott (Brother)
  • Patrick Arbuthnott (Brother)

Molly Arbuthnott (born March 3, 1987) is a British author of children’s books, teacher, editor, and academic.[1] Her most celebrated work is the book series "The Adventures of Oscar The Cat," encompassing four books. In addition to this series, Arbuthnott has authored eight other books that aim to teach children the fundamental values of empathy, teamwork, and ethics.[2]

Arbuthnott’s literary works have earned acclaim during international book tours. Her works have received accolades, including the Wishing Shelf Book Awards and Firebird Book Awards. She has been honored with the Emily Dickinson Award for her contributions.

Early life and education

Arbuthnott was born in Dundee, Scotland. Arbuthnott grew up in an artistically inclined environment, where her grandfather made glass paperweights, Strathearn Glass, and her grandmother was a professional Royal Academician artist. Her father was a businessman and mother an artist. Additionally, her other grandfather served as the headmaster of Winterfold Prep School.

Arbuthnott studied at Butterstone School in Scotland and later graduated from Tudor Hall School in England.

In 2006, Arbuthnott enrolled at St. Andrews University, graduating with a degree in Art History in 2010. Following this, from September 2010 to July 2011, Arbuthnott underwent primary teacher training with MFL Italian at Canterbury Christ Church University. She obtained an M.Ed. in children’s and adolescent literature from the University of Glasgow in 2020.[3]

Early career

Whilst at St Andrews University, Arbuthnott was heavily involved in the arts acting in plays and editing the history of art magazine, ha@sta. In 2010, Arbuthnott volunteered at Over The Wall, a non-profit organization supporting children with illnesses and their families through free, life-changing activity camps.[4]

Arbuthnott has been heavily involved in the local community and in 2021, Arbuthnott spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign to secure funds for the Caputh Village Hall which has been a thriving hub of the community ever since.

Teaching Career

After completing her training as a primary teacher at Canterbury Christ Church University, Arbuthnott started her career as an English and math teacher in diverse international settings, including roles at institutions such as Pembroke House School in Kenya, The English International School of Padua in Italy, Art History Abroad in London and Italy, and Hill House International Junior School in London.[5]

During this time, Arbuthnott developed a passion for storytelling because she wanted to share her own narratives in her classes.

Academic Career

Arbuthnott writes academic articles and has shared academic papers with the IRSCL Congress. She has been published in the ‘Once Upon Another Time’ anthology by the Book Whisperers. She also hosts writing workshops in schools.

Arbuthnott has created a VR program for Glasgow University’s Hackathon.

Writing Career

Arbuthnott's stories are inspired by key figures in her life and convey narratives that celebrate the brighter facets of the world, serving as a counterpoint to life's typical challenges. Her literary works focus on imparting fundamental values to children, including the importance of empathy, teamwork, and the courage to pursue what is ethical.

Arbuthnott has secured publishing contracts with Select Books in the USA and Celene Press in Greece. Additionally, she collaborates with Candy Jar Books, a publishing company, to promote her books and foster a passion for literature among children in the United Kingdom.

Arbuthnott's literary portfolio boasts a collection of twelve children's books.

The books are categorized into two distinctive groups: one centered around Oscar and his adventures, and the other encompassing tales of various animals and African narratives.

The Adventures of Oscar The Cat

Arbuthnott authored four books chronicling the escapades of Oscar, her family cat, who went missing on a Caledonian Macbrayne ferry in April 2014. Her debut publication, "Oscar The Ferry Cat,"[6] was released by Jelly Bean Books Mackintosh House in 2017. The series continues with "Oscar The Hebridean Cat," "Oscar The Italian Cat," and "Oscar The London Cat."

Arbuthnott is working to transform "Oscar the Ferry Cat," into an animated television show. She has written a program and trailer for BBC Alba’s adaptation of the book.[7]

Tales of other animals and African narratives

Arbuthnott has authored eight other children’s picture books centered around different animals, such as “Simon the Sloth,” “David the Pizzly Bear,” “Athena the Cheetah,” “Conrad the Spider,” “George and the Steam Museum,” “Angus the Robin,” “Peanut the Hamster,” and “Our lockdown book."

Her stories are available on Audible.


Arbuthnott runs a podcast, “My Favorite Books,” where she chats with young and old about three of their favorite books.

Awards and recognitions

  • Arbuthnott was nominated for the People’s Book Prize.
  • She was recognized with the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.
  • Arbuthnott was credited with the Firebird Book Awards.
  • She has been honored with the Emily Dickinson Award.


  • Oscar The Ferry Cat (2017)[8]
  • Oscar The Hebridean Cat (2018)
  • Oscar The London Cat (2019)
  • Conrad the Spider (2020)
  • Angus the Robin (2020)
  • David the Pizzly Bear (2021)
  • Athena the Cheetah (2021)
  • Our lockdown book (2021)
  • Simon the Sloth (2022)
  • Oscar The Italian Cat (2022)
  • George and the Steam Museum (2023)
  • Peanut the Hamster (2024)


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