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Misa Tamagawa
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Daito City, Osaka
OccupationRadio show host

Misa Tamagawa (玉川 美沙) is a radio show host from Daito City, Osaka, Japan. She was famous for hosting "The Nutty Radio Show Onitama (鬼玉)" on NACK5 and "Misa Tamagawa's Tamanavi (玉川美沙 たまなび)" on JOQR.


Misa Tamagawa became host on "Jay Land Shuffle" starting April 1997 on FM Osaka. At the age of 26, she moved to Tokyo and appeared on NECK 5's "NACK WITH YOU," a FM station in Saitama Prefecture. She has also worked as a first music commentator for "King's Brunch" (TBS TV).

Since April 2003, she had been one of the main personalities on "The Nutty Radio Show Onitama (鬼玉)", the main nighttime program on NACK5 for seven and a half years. In April 2006, she also started "Misa Tamagawa's Tamanavi (たまなび)", an evening wide program on JOQR at the same time as "Onitama. On the days of the week that the two programs overlapped, she walked from Hamamatsucho, where JOQR is located, to Yurakucho, where NACK5's satellite studio "GINZA STUDIO is located.

In April 2011, after her maternity leave, she returned to JOQR at the Saturday morning wide program "Misa Tamagawa's Happily (ハピリー)" in April 2013, she took charge of "face" Thursdays on the JFN network in 2018, she took charge of "Misa Tamagawa's Music Selection. Although she has been away from radio now, she hopes to return to radio personality at any time.[1] For a while, the description in the blog was said to be a declaration of suspension.However, she said blog and "Misa Tamagawa tama_ch.radio" that she had not declared a hiatus and would like to return to terrestrial radio anytime.</ref>

In June 2019, she began streaming on YouTube. Currently, she regularly broadcasts "玉川美沙tama_ch.radio" and "Ohtama Radio" via 17Live and Twitcasting.


She had been involved in music since her childhood, learning the electronic organ at the age of four, and in elementary and junior high school, she was a member of the "Music Club" and "Brass Band Club", of which she was the head in junior high school. She also belonged to a copy band at the same time and played keyboard[2].

At the age of 17, she started riding motorcycles and became addicted to motorsports. By the time she was 19, she was planning and organizing minibike races in the Kinki region. Her work as a host of events and appearances on motorcycle-related TV programs inspired her to pursue a career in a speaker.

She started out on a Honda NSR250R 88 model and has since owned a Harley-Davidson Sportster[3]. After pregnancy and childbirth, she refrained from riding, but as of 2016, she has resumed her touring activities.[4] She has also owned used cars, mainly SUVs, and has been riding them for a while[5].

She is a Shōchū lover and obtained a shochu advisor certification in 2002[6][7], and published a book "Rakuraku Shochu (楽楽焼酎)" in 2003[8].

In 2007, she wrote the lyrics for the song "Snack," which appears on the album "Burn Park (バーンパーク)" by Kakashi, led by Bakabon Onizuka (バカボン鬼塚)[9].

In June 2008, she represented JOQR at the hanging poster for the "Tokyo 5 Companies Radio Enhancement Campaign"[10].

In June 2010, she reported on "Misa Tamagawa's Tamanavi" that she had married a younger man[11]. In August of the same year, she announced that she was six months pregnant[12]. After that, she had to drop all her regular programs[13]. On January 14, 2011, she announced on her blog that she had given birth to her first child, a boy[14][15].

In the 2010s, she publicly announced on her blog that she was a train fan[16][17], and in 2015, she participated in a national high school model train contest. In 2015, she participated in a national model railroad contest for high school students. At the contest, Tamagawa held a fundraising event for the restoration of a section of the Tadami Line that was closed to traffic[18].

In June 2010, she started "Tamanavi Farm" in Kamikawa Town, Saitama Prefecture as a project of "Misa Tamagawa's Tamanavi"[19]. With the end of Tamanavi itself, "Tamanavi Farm" also came to an end after its first term[20].

In March 2011, when Tamagawa was looking for something to do after the Great East Japan Earthquake, she received a message from a listener asking her to make a picture book for children to read to adults. After-that she created a collaborative picture book "Protect You (まもってあげる)" with picture book author Mari Torigoe (とりごえまり) as part of Operation Toritama (とりたま作戦)[21].

In 2016, she helped Yamaguchi Farm in Ogose Town, Saitama Prefecture, which she connected with through the "Rural Restaurant Executive Committee," and Shibusawa Farm in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, which she connected with after that, as "Tamagawa Noen (玉川農縁)"[22].


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