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Milestone Inc.
IndustryDigital Marketing Software and Services
FoundedJanuary 1, 1998, Incorporated May 24, 2004
FounderBenu Aggarwal
HeadquartersSanta Clara, CA
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
  • Benu Aggarwal
  • Anil Aggarwal
  • Dev Kurbur
  • Ravi Kasamsetty
  • Erik Newton
  • Vikas Sheth
  • Digital Marketing Software
  • SEO Software
  • Local Software
  • Digital Marketing Services

Milestone Inc. is a digital marketing firm founded by Benu Agrawal in 1998. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with operations in four other locations. Milestone Inc. is best known for offering digital marketing solutions and technical SEO services. [1]

The company is recognized for its digital information organization and development services and products. Since its inception, it has helped hundreds of major brands and mid-size businesses across industries to drive traffic, engagement, and revenue through omnichannel marketing.

Milestone Inc has received several awards from various digital marketing and search organizations and competitions, such as HSMAI Adrian Award, US Search Awards, Search Engine Land Award, IMA Interactive Media Award, Davey Award, Horizon Interactive Award, SIA Summit International Award, and others.[2]

Milestone Inc. has been featured in several media outlets, such as CIO Bulletin, Search Engine Journal, and others.[3][4]


Milestone Inc. was founded in 1998 by Benu Agrawal. It started as a marketing company for hotels and later expanded to serve a wide rangel industries globally. The company is best known for its SEO-first Milestone Presence Cloud platform that merges enterprise-grade schema management, content management, voice search, competitive insights, reviews management, and digital marketing analytics into one single cloud-based platform. The Milestone Presence Cloud leverages an enterprise-grade architecture and incorporates a unique write-once, publish-anywhere approach.

The marketing execution of the clients is managed by Milestone’s enterprise-grade, cloud-based suite. The clients publish their business information and critical consumer-facing messaging in one platform in an advanced schema-rich, AMP-enabled, Core Vitals-ready format. The Milestone Presence Cloud replaces individual and disparate software components and updates the business information across the digital landscape.

Milestone Inc. employs over 250 people, with more than 150 in engineering, programming, and design. Since its inception, the company has served several thousand hotels, banks, quick service restaurants, and car companies.


Website and Mobile Design

This service by Milestone Inc. aims at leveraging a persona-based approach and offers a creative model that helps the clients connect efficiently with their audience. This service covers all the major tasks, such as mobile & AMP design, content creation, and optimization, SEO web design, content management system, and website hosting.


The SEO services offered by Milestone Inc. are aligned with the ranking factors and Google guidelines that help the clients to increase their website traffic. The company offers numerous SEO services, such as technical SEO, content SEO, schema deployment, voice search, visual search, and others.

Local Search

This service by Milestone Inc. works on five major elements - on-page optimization, online review, local links & citations, enhanced local profiles, and business directories. All these elements help the company to offer a modified service that helps the clients to create an effective digital ecosystem.

Content Marketing

The content marketing service by Milestone Inc covers a vast range of offerings such as content health audits, digital marketing plans, content creation and optimization, content enhancement and amplification, regular reporting, and others.

Digital Media Advertising

This service by Milestone Inc. aims at increasing online engagement and converting audiences via their paid search, programmatic display, social media, native advertising, and vertical solutions, like metasearch and Amazon. Other sectors where this service focuses are data-driven audience targeting, budget management, marketing strategy, regular reporting, and others.

Social Media

This service by Milestone Inc. aims at building awareness and engagement by implementing unique strategies across all major and relevant social channels to enhance the client’s reach, and engagement and drive traffic to their business.


The Data Analytics Audit by Milestone Inc. assures the clients that their data is accurate and trustworthy. Various suites that work within this service are Performance, Intelligence, UX, and Consulting. All these suites help the clients to scale their business and have a better understanding of their progress.


  • Milestone CMS - Content management system and hosting built specifically for SEO performance
  • Milestone Schema Manager - Enables creation and maintenance of error-free advanced schemas
  • Milestone AMP - High-performance Accelerated Mobile Pages that increase visibility
  • Milestone Voice - Primes content for use in voice-enabled devices
  • Milestone Reviews - Lets businesses monitor reviews and social media buzz and easily interact with their customers through a single, integrated single interface
  • Milestone Local - Ensures your single and multi-location businesses are found on local directories and across all channels
  • Milestone Insights - A cloud-based analytics dashboard that gives you competitive business intelligence in a single, easy-to-use tool
  • Milestone Analytics - Provides an integrated view of marketing performance across channels.


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