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Mike Schommer
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Michael Dennis Schommer

(1977-03-12) March 12, 1977 (age 47)
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Musical career
Background information
Also known asVon Schommer, Schommer, LUX, Techniker
  • Dub Techno
  • Techno
  • Minimal
Years active1997- present
LabelsDeepchord Records, Mosaic, echospace[detroit], Echocord, Primary [colours], Vertex, Greyscale, Baum, Van Bonn, spclnch, Kontakt, Development (Plus 8)

Mike Schommer (born March 12, 1977, in Michigan, USA) is an American dub techno artist and music producer known by his aliases Von Schommer, Schommer, LUX, and Techniker. He is the co-founder of Deepchord Records and has played a significant role in shaping the dub techno genre.[1]

Schommer's artistic contributions have had a profound impact on the electronic music community, particularly through his dub-infused techno soundscapes. After a hiatus lasting fifteen years, his return to the music scene has garnered considerable anticipation and excitement from both fans and critics.[2]

Throughout his career, Schommer has been actively involved in producing a diverse range of acclaimed albums, EPs, singles, and remixes. Notable works include "Anamnesis," "Larchenbaum," "City Sleeps," "Creative Core," "Downtown," and "Submerged," among numerous others.[3][4]

Early life and education

Schommer was born on March 12, 1977, in Michigan, USA. He grew up in an artistic family, with his father being an accomplished artist and his mother having a talent for painting. Influenced by the artistic environment at home, Schommer developed a passion for music and learned to play the guitar. He was involved in various bands during the early '90s, playing gigs in the Detroit and Port Huron areas.


Schommer's musical journey began in the early 1990s when he played guitar in industrial and punk rock bands in the Detroit and Port Huron areas. His interest in electronic music grew after hearing the Waveform Transmission album “V 1.0-1.9” by Rod Modell and Chris Troy. Fascinated by the atmospheric and experimental sounds presented on the album, Schommer connected with Modell, leading to a strong friendship and creative collaboration.[5]

In the late 1990s, Schommer co-founded the Deepchord record label in Detroit, Michigan, together with Rod Modell.[6] The label gained cult status among electronic music enthusiasts and became synonymous with the dub techno genre. Over the course of four years, Deepchord Records released 11 sought-after dub techno releases, including nine 12-inch singles and two full-length CD albums. However, after four years, Schommer decided to wind down the operations of Deepchord Records to focus on raising his family and other personal commitments. Five years later, Modell revived the "Deepchord" moniker as an artist name.

In 2017, with the encouragement of Rod Modell and his wife Tarah, Schommer returned to producing music with a fresh perspective. Free from the constraints of adapting his sound to fit a specific scene or style, Schommer focused on creating heartfelt and unencumbered music that resonated directly from his soul.[7]

In collaboration with Steve O'Sullivan's Mosaic label, he released his first record since 2002. The EP, titled "Anamnesis," features three tracks that continue the atmospheric, dub techno sound he helped establish with Deepchord.[8] The release received great anticipation and was warmly welcomed by fans who had long awaited his return.[9]

Schommer's music blends elements of dub techno, techno, and minimal genres, creating captivating soundscapes that immerse listeners in an ethereal rhythmic atmosphere. His unique style and attention to heavily processed atmospheric details have made him a significant figure in the electronic music community.[10]

Schommer has collaborated with several artists and labels, including Deepchord Records, Mosaic, Echospace [Detroit], Echocord, Primary [colours], Vertex, Greyscale, Baum, Van Bonn, Spclnch, Kontakt, and Development (Plus 8).[11][12]



  • Deepchord (Von Schommer) – dc15 (2002)
  • Deepchord – dc01-06 (Mike Schommer 2,4,6,8,10,12) (2000)


  • Mike Schommer – City Sleeps (Remixes Part Two) (2023)
  • Mike & Matthew Schommer – Creative Core 02 (2022)
  • Mike & Matthew Schommer – Creative Core 01 (2021)
  • Mike Schommer – Downtown (2021)
  • Mike Schommer – City Sleeps (Remixes Part One) (2020)
  • Mike Schommer – Come Home EP (2020)
  • Mike Schommer – City Sleeps (2019)
  • Mike Schommer – Lärchenbaum EP (2018)
  • Steve O’Sullivan and Mike Schommer – Submerged (2018)
  • Mike Schommer – Anamnesis (2017)
  • Deepchord – dc13/dc14/dc16 [remastered] (2014)
  • Deepchord – dc10/dc11/dc12 [remastered] (2013)
  • Deepchord – dc07/dc08/dc09 [remastered] (2013)
  • Deepchord (Mike Schommer) – dc13 (2001)
  • Deepchord (Mike Schommer) – dc12 (2001)
  • Deepchord (LUX) – dcv09 (2000)
  • Deepchord (techniker) – dcv08 (2000)
  • Deepchord (von schommer) – dcv07 (2000)


  • Fletcher – Violet Shift, Violet Shift (Mike Schommer remix) (2022)
  • Van Bonn & Upwellings – Cloudwalker, Bilateral Kite (Mike Schommer Remix) (2022)
  • AKME – Slow Blow, Slow Blow (Mike Schommer Hottest Summer Mix) (2020)
  • Octal Industries – Changing Seasons, Borg Tekin (Mike Schommer’s 88 Beatdown) (2020)
  • Ohm & Kvadrant – Elevated Part II, Ejer (Mike Schommer Detroit Mix) (2020)
  • Babe Roots – Remixes EP, Bless Me (Mike Schommer Rmx) (2019)
  • Echo Inspectors And Insect O. – Bribie Dub, Bribie Dub (Mike Schommer Remix) (2018)


  • Techno Tuner – V.0.2 Various (Mike Schommer) (2002)
  • SHOW – Various, Baltic (Mike Schommer & Rod Modell) (1998)
  • Development 2.0 (Plus 8) – Various, d4-b3 (Schommer) (1997)

Personal life

Schommer currently resides in the United States near Port Huron Michigan. He is married to his wife, Tarah, and they have seven children.

In the media



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