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Michał Szostak
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Born1980 (age 42–43)
  • International concert organists
  • organologist
  • musicologist
  • researcher

Michał Szostak (born 1980), international concert organologist, musicologist and researcher from Poland, Doctor of Music Arts in organ performance[1], studied organ performance at Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw under Prof. Andrzej Chorosiński and organ Musical improvisation in Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra in Milan under Maestro Davide Paleari as well as management (Master and PhD studies) at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. As the first Pole[2][3] he received the certificate of Royal College of Organists|The Royal College of Organists. He is a member of American Guild of Organists|The American Guild of Organists and Organ Historical Society|The Organ Historical Society. He performs annually dozens organ recitals around the world: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic[4][5], Denmark, France, Germany[6], Italy, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Poland[7][8][9][10][11], Slovakia, Ukraine[12], the United Kingdom[13] and the USA[14]. He is an author of books ('The Lichen Organ in Relation to the Largest Instruments in Poland, Europe and the World'[15]), chapters of books, post-conference publications[16] [17] and scientific articles in international organ magazines: British 'The Organ', American 'The Diapason (magazine)|The Diapason' and 'The Vox Humana'. He has the widest international bibliography among the Polish scholars working in area of organ studies. His fields of scientific explorations are: instruments - their features[18] and construction[19][20], historical tendencies in organ building[21], historical and contemporary performance practices[22], life and creation of important figures of music world[23]. He is an author of many original approaches in scientific fields of organology, e.g.: methodology of the comparison of instruments according to their size[24], aesthetically oriented approach to the perception of organ music. In the years 2011-2018, he held the prestigious position of Music Director and the Leading Organist at the Shrine of the Virgin Mary in Licheń Stary where he played the largest organ in Poland (Zych, 157/6M+P) located in the Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń|Basilica in Licheń Stary (the largest church in Poland). In the years 2002-2011, he was the Music Director and the Leading Organist at the Our Lady of Lourdes church in Warsaw. He recordedmon CDs (the largest organ in Poland in Lichen basilica: “Ave Regina Caelorum” with improvisations[25] and 'French Inspirations: 2nd half of the 19th century' with French repertoire and improvisations[26], Petr organ in the church of St. Ignace in Prague, Czech Republic) released by L'Arte dell'Organo label, for radio broadcasts, TV and online platforms. He is an often guest of public broadcasts[27][28]. He is an co-author of organological auditions in Radio 106,2, as well as a founder and president of Jan Drzewoski Foundation.

Since 2019 he held a position of adjunct professor in SWPSUniversity of Social Sciences in Warsaw, running researches in the field of art and business, as well as didactic activities on English-spoken tracks of Master ofMBA studies and Clark University programs.

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