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Mewn Inu NFT
Mewn Inu.jpg
Developer(s)Mewn Inu
ReleaseNovember 2021

Mewn Inu NFT is an Ethereum based collection of 3D NFT, MEWNESIS. It depicts Mewn Inu, a friendly cat that is the only survivor millennia of war from its family, who is working for the expansion of its Kingdom and to protect the other survivors. Mewn is programmed and wants to be the world's kindness mascot, gathering kids, teens, and adults together.[1]

According to developers, the story will be based around Mewn Inu, who has created a plan based on multiple steps of development. It is one of the early NFTs that is sold on Ethereum without any gas fee on AstroZero marketplace. Right after launch, the MEWNESIS collection has gained popularity due to its attractive artistic looks of Mewn.[2]

A new P2E game will be launched, along with PVP betting platform models that are clearly tailored to their needs and give fresh avenues for them to experience the emotional rollercoaster they want.[3]


The story is based around a cat, Mewn, who is programmed and loses its family due to war. It is trying to spread love and help people with no limit to make kindness trending again in people's minds. Mewn Inu, wants to be the world's mascot, gathering kids, teens, and adults together. The main characteristics of Mewn are loyal & fearless, Spreading the love and to help around him without wanting anything in return.[4]

The Mewn Kingdom faces many challenges from dog families, the Doge Empire, and Shiba, but the Mewn community and people are willing to fight back and do everything it takes for the kingdom to develop and overcome its enemies.[5]

Members of the initial buyers of this NFT collection will be invited to participate in their next games, and the marketing that comes with it makes this NFT collection + token an important step in the success of their strategy.

P2E Video Game - MEWNGUYS :

A play to win Mewn game MEWNGUYS will also include confronting people into crazy skilled races and survival mini games.. Only one Mewner will win. And will take all the prize pool to grow his bag, and continue grinding in this insane game that could change your life. Up your rank as your bag fattens.. Enter our world and try to become a millionaire for less than 10$.

Betting – Gaming Platform – DEGENMEWN INTERNATIONAL :

DEGENMEWN is a platform connecting condent risk takers worldwide around known games of their location, it can be gambling games, or based skill games, and managed by a smart matchmaking system to create a betting system for each game available. Imagine being able to play your favorite cards games, dige games, and earn money from it, online, or with your friends. Pick a location on the globe, pick a game available, and an opponent. The winner gets the bag of the other ones. Custom private mode to bet with your friends without paying any taxes, exactly like playing together at home.


Realisation of their cute cartoon Movie (Disney Pixar Style) available on in demand marketplaces (Netix, amazon video type) and on real life as well, on the real life directly to your Cinema.


Mewn Inu NFT is programmatically produced before being minted on the blockchain technology. Each Mewn Inu is represented as NFT using the ERC20 token standard Ethereum. Based on a limited number of Mewns, there is a limitation of 1111 custom versions of Mewn Auto generated will be sold at a TBC price.

It is possible to customise the mascot Mewn with various qualities, but also with varied postures and moods, all in a high-quality that is comparable to the visuals in Pixar films.

Roadmap of Mewn Inu NFT

Phase 1 : It will be a stealth launch on Ethereum with a brand creation. It will also include community events and buybacks and a whitepaper will be also released. It will listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Phase 2 : This phase will feature a metaverse where Mewn will be introduced to his universe. A Mewn NFT Collection released with partnership and focus will be on animated advertising, marketing and Youtube promo launch.

Phase 3 : It will oversee a new gaming concept and creation of a betting platform. This phase will include Virtual Events, Regular livestreams and any further development will be announced.


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