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Marvin Peake
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CitizenshipUnited States
  • Global Access Initiative
  • Global Access Publishing
  • AFCO Global Solutions
Known for
  • Community Developer - Inner Cities of the U.S.
  • Ambassador of Peace - International Interreligious Peace Council
  • Commissioner - Office of National and Community Service
  • Youth Leader - Million Man March
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

Marvin Peake is an international speaker, transformational strategist, serial entrepreneur, humanitarian, and community developer.[1] He is the founder of the All Faith's Consortium, Global Access Initiative, Global Access Publishing, and the Hereafter Family Foundation. Peake is the author of the widely anticipated book, Out of the Tunnel: An Epic Tale of Battles, Breakthroughs, and New Beginnings.[2]

Peake is recognized as an Ambassador of Peace by the International Interreligious Peace Council, a former Commissioner of the Commission for National and Community Service, and a Logistics and Youth Leader for the Million Man March.[3]

Following his service in the US military and a six-year tenure at the FBI, Peake went on to establish several charities, non-profits, and multimillion-dollar contracting firms.[4] He created community development and economic programs across the nation while broadening his philanthropic endeavors within the US and beyond.[5]

During his early years, Peake experienced homelessness and severe poverty, often running away from shelters and foster care and being forced to survive on the streets. Yet, despite facing immense hardship and ongoing adversity, he sought solace in athletics and participated in a range of sports such as boxing, martial arts, basketball, football, and track and field.[6]

Peake later emerged as a youth leader for the historic Million Man March, during which his T-shirt design became the sole officially authorized merchandise for the event. His service and the high demand for his shirt earned him the moniker "Mr. Million Man March." Soaring upon his newfound recognition, he went on to establish two remarkable non-profit organizations, the All Faith Consortium and the Hereafter Family Foundation.[7]

Peake has received several awards for his work, including recognition of his Sacrifice and Dedication to the Needs of Families and Communities across the US, the Vision, Dedication, and Guidance Award from the US Family Resources Exposition, and the Crown of Peace Award for exemplary Leadership in Reconciliation and Peacemaking.[8]

Early Life

Marvin Peake's youth was marked by extreme hardship, adversity, and struggle. He was raised without a home and had to walk the streets alone, constantly exposed to danger and stress due to the rampant violence, drug-ridden localities, street gangs, pimps, and con artists.

In order to survive, Peake resorted to hustling candy at school, playing cards and dice games, basketball games, and slap-boxing for money. He attended more than a dozen public schools across three states, sleeping in abandoned buildings and cars, riding the subway through the night, and hiding out in public libraries. He joined the military to escape life on the streets and obtain temporary housing, clean clothing, and regular nourishment. Participating in community meetings focused on social justice provided him with refuge from harsh weather conditions and kept him occupied during the off-season of his athletic activities.

In 1995, a very young Peake met and served under Dr. Ben Chavis, former Executive Director and CEO of the NAACP and Executive Director of the Million Man March. Working alongside Dr. Chavis, he gained valuable organizing skills from several civil rights pioneers, including the late Dick Gregory, Dr. Dorothy Height, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), Min Louis Farrakhan, Former White House Clergyman Rabbi David Ben Ami, Market Researcher and Philanthropist Albert J. Wood, the late author, inventor, and mega entrepreneur Paul Polak, and numerous other historical leaders devoted to social justice and advocacy for marginalized communities. He sharpened his fundamental, organizational, and leadership abilities as a youth leader and logistics strategist for the renowned Million Man March - one of the most massive campaigns and widely attended events in history.

Peake led an ecumenical delegation of one hundred faith leaders to the White House in Washington DC and was later invited by former President George W. Bush to serve on the initial planning and strategy team under the leadership of Congressman J.C. Watts of Oklahoma. In 2001, after the tragic events of 911, Peake was invited by the President to attend the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance in fellowship with every living ex-President, members of the US Congress, and notable spiritual leaders of America. These experiences in his formative years greatly influenced Peake's future endeavors as a public speaker, life strategist, and entrepreneur, shaping his commitment to unity, oneness, social justice, and humanitarianism.


Peake began his career by joining the Armed Forces, where he received specialized training in logistics and aviation services. Following his military service, he spent six years at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He later went on to become a thriving entrepreneur, establishing several multimillion-dollar contracting firms, launching nationwide community development and economic programs, and expanding his philanthropic endeavors throughout the US and beyond.[9]

In his efforts to further develop communities, Peake simultaneously established nonprofit organizations and constructed various businesses. These included real estate ventures, cafes, security firms, self-defense training schools, beauty salons, a limousine company, and a range of IT training services.[10]

A number of his charitable organizations, such as the Hereafter Family Foundation and the All Faith's Consortium, grew into national and international conglomerates of faith, community, and business leaders that provided housing, food, employment, and entrepreneurship training, serving thousands of people across the US and around the world.[11]

As the Executive Chairman of AFCO Global Solutions, Peake helped establish the company as a leading provider of global logistics, procurement, technology, construction and environmental services. He also founded the Global Access Initiative and Global Access Publishing to help promote education, literacy, training, professional development, and greater access to information and resources for other life-sustaining benefits.[12]

In 2012, Peake met self-help guru, bestselling author, and world-renown entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Robbins. By the following year, he had begun to accompany Robbins on his worldwide tours, speaking and providing testimonials at events such as Date With Destiny, Unleash the Power Within, and Business Mastery.[13]

Peake is the author of Out of the Tunnel - An Epic Tale of Battles, Breakthroughs, and New Beginnings. This true-life saga is a powerful and captivating narrative of his journey to triumph over homelessness, abuse, and poverty to achieve remarkable success.[14]

On his epic journey, Peake learned to stare down suffering and banish pity and fear, despite dire circumstances. In the midst of tragedy, he rose and discovered life-changing truths about perseverance, self-awareness, and oneness. Harnessing this hard-earned wisdom, he began sharing his revolutionary message about the true meaning of self-worth, the healing power of interconnectedness, and the keys to authentic wealth, peace, and happiness.

Out of the Tunnel offers Marvin Peake's distilled wisdom, life stories, proven solutions, and channeled passions while spotlighting insights and conversations with some of today's wealthiest influencers and most spiritually aware people. Notables featured in Out of the Tunnel include Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, the late Wayne Dyer, former President George W. Bush and many more.


Peake has received several awards and recognition for his contributions in various fields. Some of them include:

  • Recognition of his Sacrifice and Dedication to the Needs of Individuals, Families and Communities across the US
  • The Vision, Dedication, and Guidance Award from the US Family Resources Exposition
  • The Crown of Peace Award for Exemplary Leadership in Reconciliation and Peacemaking from the International Interreligious Peace Council and Universal Peace Federation
  • 3rd Dan-Level Blackbelt in Taekwondo

These awards recognize Peake's commitment and dedication to human evolution, unity, oneness, and the betterment of a global society.

Personal life

Peake, having unlocked and simplified breakthrough principles behind the Laws of Attraction, travels the world sharing his inspiring story of poverty-to-prosperity and offering winning solutions to the masses in the areas of personal development, business, community, and societal transformation.

His lifelong passion is uniting humanity, ending world poverty, and helping others to master the science of success and live the art of fulfillment.


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