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Mark Belter
Mark Belter.jpg
Born1974 (age 49–50)
Grand Rapids, Michigan
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materTiffin University

Mark Belter is an American entrepreneur and businessman, known for his multiple successful ventures in various fields. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1974, Belter had an adventurous childhood filled with family vacations and camping trips. He has two siblings, an older brother, Jeff, and a younger sister, Melinda.[1]

After high school, Belter attended Tiffin University to pursue his passion for playing college football and become a teacher. However, he soon realized that playing football at the college level was a huge time commitment, so he transferred to Toledo University to focus on becoming a teacher. Eventually, he dropped out of college and returned home to start finding a career.[2]

Belter is a true entrepreneur at heart and has owned over 17 businesses in various fields. He has invested in stocks and real estate and has run a successful mortgage and title business that has allowed him to try different ventures.[3]

Belter enjoys writing about different life events and topics in the news. He is a kind and positive person who tries to treat everyone with respect. Belter lost his father unexpectedly in 2017 and wishes he could speak to him again to learn more about his life and views. In his writings, Belter hopes to leave his family with memories and ideas that they can cherish in case he is not there to share them with all of them.[4]


With a diverse educational and professional background, coupled with a passion for entrepreneurship and family values, I have built a successful career over the years.

After completing my undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice and playing football at Tiffin University, I transferred to Toledo University to pursue a career in teaching. However, my passion for entrepreneurship led me to explore other fields and have owned and built over 17 businesses in various industries, including mortgage and title businesses. Some businesses have been huge successes and others huge failures. You learn from the good and bad, gaining valuable experience along the way. The most important lesson is to not be afraid of taking risks and jumping into a business. You can always go back to work for another company so take the risks and try.

Alongside my business ventures, I have also invested in stocks and real estate, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in financial markets.

As a father of four boys, family always comes first for me, and I make sure to balance my career pursuits with spending quality time with my family. Writing and social media are my outlets for expressing my thoughts and feelings, and I often share updates and pictures of my family on social media. at:

As someone who values entrepreneurship, I hope to instill the same passion in my children, encouraging them to find their passion and pursue their dreams.

Philanthropy and Conservation Efforts

Mark is actively involved in his community, and has participated in various fundraising efforts, youth programs, and sports initiatives.

Fundraising Efforts: Mark has been involved in various fundraising events, including organizing charity walks, participating in local food drives, and contributing to disaster relief efforts. He is also a regular donor to local non-profit organizations.

Youth Programs: Mark is passionate about empowering the youth in his community. He has been a mentor to many young people, helping them to develop essential life skills and achieve their goals. He has also volunteered his time and resources to support after-school programs and youth sports leagues.

Sports Initiatives: Mark is a big believer in the positive impact that sports can have on young people. He has been involved in various sports initiatives, including coaching youth football and basketball teams. He has also helped to organize local tournaments and events that promote sportsmanship and teamwork.

Through his community involvement efforts, Mark has demonstrated a strong commitment to giving back and making a difference in the lives of those around him.


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