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Mario Nawfal
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Born (1983-02-11) February 11, 1983 (age 39)
OrganizationAthena Group of Companies

Mario Nawfal (born 11 February 1983) is a Lebanese serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and speaker based in Melbourne, Australia.[1] He currently serves as the CEO of the Athena Group of Companies, which has its presence in over 40 countries and is made up of over 15 subsidiaries. These include Froothie, Prestige Home Appliances, HX, Vie, RebelPR, FitnessX, Commercial Blenders Australia, The Real Food Revolution, and Zense.[2]

Nawfal is also the founder of We are Growth Hackers, IBC Group, and NFTtechnologies and serves as a partner at International Blockchain Legal LLP.[3] As an investor, Nawfal has contributed to the success of a number of startups in a wide range of industries such as FinTech, Marketing, Consulting, Fitness, and E-commerce. Some of these projects include Bloktopia, GenoPets, Sidus Heroes, Faith Tribe, RealFevr, and Forward Protocol.[4]

Nawfal has also been seen at several conferences and talk shows, where he shares his industry expertise and how he managed to build his business empire along with sharing tips and tricks to build a business from the ground up.[5] As of 2022, his net worth is predicted to be approximately $130 Million.[6]

Early life and education

Nawfal was born on 11 February 1983 in Lebanon. When he was six years old, he moved to Australia. Later he graduated from Monash University specializing in Banking and Finance.


Nawfal started his career in 2012 when he founded Athena Group of Companies, a multinational conglomerate that has grown exponentially in the past decade, spanning its operations in over 40 countries under over 15 subsidiaries. Starting with Athena’s first company - Froothie International which is a Global Health & well-being conglomerate, known for selling blenders, Nawfal propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year two using bootstrapping techniques starting with only $300.[7][8]

Following Froothie’s success, Nawfal in 2014 launched HX, Vie, FX, and Prestige Home Appliances under Athena Group.[9] HZ is a global personal mobility brand, Vie offers a range of Nicotine, CBD & Vitamin E-Cigarettes, FX operates in the fitness industry and Prestige Home Appliances is known for selling High-End Kitchen Appliances.[10]

He launched the GoGlobal business scaling incubator in 2016, which grew into the Athena Group of Companies.[11] A year later he launched International Blockchain Consulting (IBC) which rose to become an industry authority in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena, and currently has a prominent network of professionals in over 40 countries.[12]

In 2018, he launched IGC which is a Cannabis & Hemp Consulting firm, IBA that deals in Blockchain Accounting, IBI Ventures, a VC Fund, and also became a partner and equity holder at the Blockchain Law Firm IBL.[13]

In 2019, Nawfal founded Zense, a startup that teaches entrepreneurs how to start a successful business on a shoestring budget. In the same year, he joined North Equities as a partner.[14]

Nawfal launched We Are Growth Hackers in 2020, and it has grown into one of the world's largest growth hacking agencies in just two years.[15] In the same year, he launched Drop Service Mafia, a platform dedicated to assisting other entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses.[16]

Nawfal left IBC in 2021 to concentrate on his newest venture - NFT Technologies, World's first liquid matching engine-based NFT Creation and Trading Infrastructure. It is a portfolio business backed by major investors and crypto thought leaders including Jeremy Gardener, Adam de Cata (Decentraland), and Curt Marvis (Lionsgate).[17]


Nawfal rose to prominence on Clubhouse in 2021 after he was momentarily banned from the audio sharing app despite owning "The Roundtable," the platform's most popular business area. In its first month, this room garnered 55,000 followers before famous millionaire Jason Calacanis began criticizing popular clubhouse users, accusing them of being "scam course vendors." Calacanis urged his followers to report Mario despite the fact that Nawfal has never sold a coaching or course package and has made a point of exposing scammers. Nawfal's account was quickly halted for inspection, and his community access was revoked. Thousands of emails and tweets were sent to Clubhouse, including directly to its co-founders, and an online petition was started to urge Nawfal's reinstatement.[18]

Personal life

Mario began a passionate pursuit of his sole getaway from business, the dance of Bachata, after being duped by a close senior manager at one of his firms in late 2018. Nawfal began attending festivals every week in 2019 after training for hours every day, seven days a week. His first workshops in Turkey in 2020 were fully booked across the country.[19]

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