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Manuel Marinari
Manuel Marinari.JPG
Born (1989-08-06) August 6, 1989 (age 34)
Milan, Italy
EducationIULM Communication School
  • Entrepreneur
  • Social Media Marketer
Years active2017 - present
OrganizationSway Society[1]
Known for
  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing
  • Pokemon Influencer
  • Founder of Sway Society
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Manuel Marinari (born 6 August, 1989) is an Italian entrepreneur, social media influencer, content creator and digital marketer.[2] Marinari is the founder of Sway Society, a digital marketing agency based in Taipei, Taiwan.[3] He is best known for his expertise in gaining online traction for his clients.[4] Marinari is considered as a Social Media expert who can drive immediate traction and has worked with several major companies, celebrities, influencers and startups.[5]

Marinari developed an interest in business at an early age and built a list of prolific clientele, looking for better search visibility and social media traction. He is also a contributing writer for Hive Life Hong Kong, Thrive Global, Medium and Disrupt Magazine.[6] Marinari mostly works in the Asia-Pacific region and has managed to build a wide network of 25 million on media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.[7]

Marinari is widely known for posting content related to Pokemon and other geeky stuff. Marinari is a gaming enthusiast who has made a name for himself by sharing content that resonates with his personal interests.

Early life and education

Marinari was born and brought up in Milan, Italy. Since a very young age, Marinari was inclined towards exploring the digital world. He started playing online videogames vigorously at the age of 10. He participated in MTG Magic the Gathering official tournaments, and even started his businesses based on the gaming life - DZ Series, an Italian MTG tournament circuit. By the age of 18, Marinari accomplished his first online business through

During his high school years, Marinari learned photography and media handling. Having developed a keen interest in communication studies, Marinari pursued a course in social communication at IULM Communication School.


Marinari, fresh out of college, at the age of 22, started building his social media profile and took up several projects that required him to amp up his client’s facebook visibility. Marinari deweled into several other business ventures that honed his skills as a marketing influencer.

Marinari left Italy when he was 26 years old, in order to explore the world. This is how he ended up in Taiwan, where he initially started out as an Instagram model and influencer himself. He regularly posted about modelling and media stuff on various platforms, which eventually got diverted to the gaming world, especially Pokemon and other geeky topics. This resulted in him sharing geek related and pokemon influenced stuff, which aligned better with Marinari’s personal interests.

In about a year, Marinari founded his own digital marketing agency called Sway Society in 2017. Marinari’s company specialises in social media management, content creation and digital marketing.[8] Marinari started out with assisting fairly new influencers and worked his way up to help companies, brands, and famous individuals and athletes to build their social network and enhance their organic reach through a combination of his network and tools. In just a year, Marinari earned the title of Instagram Guru all over asian market due to his ability to grow brands, micro-influencers and celebrities profiles.

Marinari leverages his already built trust with Influencers online, to launch other people to success. This is one of the qualities that he brings to the table, where his social connections and outreach help his clients to get the desired results. He is known for building digital brands for high profile clientele through social networks, media, influencers, and other media solutions.

Marinari recently started his second business venture, a sister company to Sway Society, Sway Squad that focuses on public relations and high-end social media management.[9]


  • Marinari has over 65,000 followers on Instagram and has over 70,000 followers on TikTok.[10]
  • Marinari has worked with celebrities, start-up companies, Fortune 500 executives, public companies, influencers, and others to enhance their social visibility and to connect with their audience.

Personal life

Marinari currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. Marinari is a self-proclaimed geek and Pokemon lover who loves to spend his free time with videogames and card games. His house is full of Pokemon plushies, and other geeky merchandise.


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