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MSI Press
Founded2003; 21 years ago (2003)
  • Carl Leaver
  • Betty Lou Leaver
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States
Key people
  • Betty Lou Leaver (editor)
  • Jackie Johnson (newsletter editor)
  • Geri Henderson (copy editor)
  • Mary Ann Raemisch (copy editor/developmental editor)
  • Lynne Curry (copyeditor)
  • Keshav Sharma (ebook conversion)
  • Opeyemi Ikuborije (graphic design)
  • Ian Ferguson (web design)

MSI Press is a multi-award-winning veteran-owned publishing house based in California, United States.[1] It was co-founded in 2003 by the late Carl Leaver and Dr. Betty Lou Leaver, a graphics & editorial team; the latter currently serves as the managing editor. MSI Press is best known for turning new writers into award-winning authors and has gained mass recognition for releasing highly acclaimed books of varying genres that are distributed internationally.[2]

Since its inception, MSI Press has been home to a number of prolific writers including Cindy McKinley Alder, Dr. Liz Bayardelle, Joanna Charnas, Dr. Susan Lewis, and Colette McNeil to name a few.

MSI Press’ books are sold all over the world. They're available on the MSI Press webstore, as well as online bookstores in a variety of countries and local bookstores in the United States. MSI Press’ books are also available in a few European and Middle Eastern bookstores.


The non-profit Coalition of Distinguished Language Centers (which disbanded in 2010) needed a for-profit organization to publish conference materials and books about obtaining native-like levels of language competency - which resulted in the establishment of MSI Press. Mind Solutions International, an educational consulting organization created by Betty Lou Leaver, Ph.D., opened a publishing department in 2003 to address the demands of CDLC. The publishing branch of Mind Solutions International persisted as MSI Press when the company folded in 2006. Until the CDLC disbanded in 2010, MSI published virtually entirely language learning, teaching, and research books.[3]

MSI Press was renamed MSI Press LLC in 2012, with Carl and Betty Lou Leaver as co-owners. MSI Press LLC is a veteran-owned publisher dedicated to providing distinctive books of recognized high quality to the public, particularly new authors with significant skill. The press is proud of its authors and the numerous prizes they have received for the quality of their writing and the originality of their books' subject.

MSI Press' hybrid publishing arm San Juan Books serves as an alternative for new authors who don't have a well-established platform. San Juan Books has gained a reputation for taking chances on authors who might not be supported by other publishers. It also permits publications with a small audience to be published.

Areas of publication

MSI Press LLC publish books in the following areas:

  • Animals, including pet memoirs
  • Foreign language & culture
  • Health & fitness
  • Humor
  • Inspirational & religious
  • Parenting & teaching
  • Self-Help


MSI Press LLC books have won many awards at the gold, silver, bronze, honorable mention, and legacy levels:

  • Book of the Year Award
  • Best Indie Book Award
  • Kopfs-Fetherling International Book Award
  • Eric Hoffer Award
  • Book Excellence Award
  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • Readers Views Literary Awards
  • American Book Fest Best Books Awards
  • Readers' Favorite Award
  • Paris Book Festival Awards
  • Hollywood Book Festival Awards
  • IPPY Living Now Award
  • USA Best Books Award

Selected books

  • Weekly Soul, Dr. Fred Craigie
  • 10 Quick Homework Tips, Cindy McKinley Alder & Patti Trombly
  • 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness, Joanna Charnas
  • A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance, Joanna Charnas
  • Anger Anonymous, Dr. Dennis Ortman
  • Choice and Structure for Children with Autism: Getting through the Long Days of Quarantine, Colette McNeil
  • Clean Your Plate! 13 Things Good Parents Say That Ruin Kids’ Lives, Liz Bayardelle, Ph.D.
  • Día de Muertos, Sula, Gata parroquial en la Antigua Misión
  • Harnessing the Power of Grief, Julie Potter
  • How My Cat Made Me a Better Man, Jeremy Feig
  • Old and On Hold: Aging in Place during a Pandemic, Bertha D. Cooper, BSN
  • Overcoming the Odds, Carl Leaver
  • Survival of the Caregiver: A Treasury of ABC Self-Help Words That Give Encouragement and Support to the Caregiver, Janice Hucknall Snyder
  • 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness, Joanna Charnas


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