Lucky Chops

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Lucky Chops
Background information
OriginNew York, NY
  • Rock
  • Pop
Years active2006 (2006)–Present
Associated acts
  • Grace Kelly
  • Leo Pellegrino
  • Daro Berhoozi
  • Josh Holcomb
  • Josh Gawel
  • Adrian Condis
  • Reginald Chapman
  • Patrick Simard
Past members
  • Raphael Buyo
  • Kevin Congleton
  • Charles Sams
  • Leo Pelligrino
  • Daniel Rutkowski
  • Eric Trudel
  • Harry Phillips
  • Attis Clopton

The Lucky Chops are a New York-based band, formed in 2006.[1] They started in Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School[1][2][3] (founded by Sousaphone player Raphael Buyo along with Trombonist Josh Holcomb and Saxophonist/Clarinetist Daro Berhoozi) and began busking on street corners and in Subway stations. During their time at college, they decided to take their band to a professional level.[4]

The name "Lucky Chops" was proposed by the band's original trumpet player, Daniel Ratkowski, during a word-association brainstorming session[4] and likely refers to the fact that all of their instruments (except the drums) are wind.

Their early music was mainly covers and mash-ups of other songs. Their origninal works are influenced by the vast mix of cultures in NYC and are very personal to the member of the band who wrote the piece in question. This means the band performs a wide variety of musical styles and are not bound by a single genre.[4]

The band had a steady start, playing in the New York Subway for commuters. They gained brief internet fame from a 2016 YouTube video featuring their rendition of "Funky Town" and "I Got You (I Feel Good)" featuring a very enthusiastic Leo P,[1][2][5] which helped to significantly boost their popularity. Now they perform all over the world.[6] Shortly after their internet fame, they released their first album: Lucky Chops NYC.

The band has seen over 50 musicians play with them over the past 14 years including Grace Kelly and Leo Pellegrino.


Lucky Chops NYC (2016)[7]

  • I'll Fly Away
  • Miami
  • My Girl
  • Problem
  • Next to You
  • I Want you Back[3]
  • Berhoozi
  • I'm not the Only One
  • Funky Town/I Feel Good[8]
  • Moonlight Serenade

2016 World Tour (2016)

  • Coco
  • Hello
  • Best Things
  • Buyo
  • Without You (4 Tonite)
  • Danza 2016[8]

Walter (EP) (2017)

  • Temple of Boom[9]
  • Helter Skelter
  • Walter Jam
  • Stand
  • Daro and Charles' Magnificent Journey
  • For Connie

Virtue and Vice Sessions (Vol. 1) (2018)[2]

  • These Tears
  • Hoodoos at Sunrise
  • D20
  • A/B Jam
  • Going Home

Lucky Chops (2019)[2]

  • Halfway to the Hudson
  • The Dancing Babies
  • Traveler
  • Dance Night
  • Full Heart Fancy
  • Flyway
  • Pizza Day
  • Familiar Places
  • Memories
  • It's not Goodbye
  • Mo' Momo!


  • Raphael Buyo - Sousaphone (Left)[10][11]
  • Daro Berhoozi - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet[11]
  • Josh Holcomb - Trombone[3][11]
  • Josh Gawel - Trumpet[8][11]
  • Adrian Condis - Baritone Saxophone
  • Kevin Congleton - Drums (Left)
  • Charles Sams - Drums (Left)[11]
  • Leo Pelligrino - Baritone Saxophone (Left)[5]
  • Reginald Chapman - Contrabass Bugle
  • Patrick Simard - Drums
  • Daniel Rutkowski - Trumpet (Left)[4]
  • Eric Trudel - Saxophone (Left)
  • Harry Phillips - Tuba (Left)
  • Attis Clopton - Drums (Left)

Lucky Chops in the Media



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