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ManufacturerPolmos Lublin
Country of originPoland
Alcohol by volume
  • 37.5% and 40% (pure vodka)
  • 30% (nalewka)
  • 25% (soda)
  • 32%, 34%, 36% (former nalewkas)
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Lubelska (lubɛlska) is a brand of Polish pure and flavored vodka was established in 1906 and was produced in Polmos Lublin/Stock Polska.

This vodka is named after the Lublin Voivodeship and the county. It is also named after the city of Lublin, which the company was produced in. Lubelska is made out of natural ingredients, which is soaked in vodka, so that it makes a fruity taste.

Since the vodka grew popular, Lubelska releases more new flavors, and new features. The most recent flavor was mango, which was added on April 2020,[1] bringing the total flavors to ten.

It is one of the most popular flavored vodkas in Poland, as it is very similar to Krupnik and Soplica. Lubelska also has two flavors of pure vodka, one is three grain while the other one is grape vodka. All Lubelska Nalewka have 30% ABV while pure vodkas have 37.5% and 40% ABV. They formerly have 32 and 36% ABV for nalewkas produced before 2013.

It is not to be confused with another brewery called Perła. Sometimes they put "Lubelska" on one of the Perła beers because there were two companies that branded with this name, the other one is Zwierzyniec. It is also distilled in Lublin.


Lubelska was established in 1906 when Polmos Lublin started to distill vodka at the same year. Polmos Lublin is a vodka distiller based on Lublin. The reason why they chose the name "Lubelska" is that it is named after the Lublin Governorate in Congress Poland at this time. It was distilled alongside Wódka Żołądkowa Gorzka in 1950 and it was the largest liqueur companies by the 20th century.

In 2004, Lubelska went worldwide. Some vodkas were not available in the U.S. and other countries because they handed out Lubelska mostly in Europe. On the bottles, it was labelled with a Polmos Lublin logo, and under the flavor of the vodka, it marked Lubelska in cursive. This design and the logo was updated in 2009, with a Lubelska logo with a crown on top of the "Lubelska."

In 2010, Lubelska is the fastest growing vodka in Poland. They give several awards in this decade because more people are buying Lubelska in several flavors. Due to the popularity, Lubelska changed the alcohol by volume from 36 to 32% in 2011 and render the design again. In 2014, Lubelska was the largest flavored vodka in Poland, which many people buy this item for over ten flavors and several sizes.

In 2015, Lubelska introduced 40 millimeter cups that makes it easier to taste test instead of buying a 100 ml bottle. It comes with lemon and grapefruit vodkas.[2] Between 2010 and 2015, several flavors were removed like the peach vodka, and render this design again, and the font size of the flavor was changed. The alcohol by volume was reduced from 32 to 30% currently, and from 34 to 30% in grapefruit vodka in smaller bottles.

In 2017, the bottle design was redesigned for better look of the bottle, and it was still the most popular flavored vodka in Poland. They removed the black background on the Lubelska logo. In 2018, two more flavors were added, the blackberry and pear vodka, a total of 9 flavors in Lubelska vodkas.

In 2019, Lubelska released two flavors of soda, of which one is lemon while the other one is orange. It was bottled in 200 ml bottles and contain 25% alcohol by volume.[3] In 2020, Lubelska released a mango vodka, bringing the flavors to 10.[1]


Year Award Flavor Result Notes Ref.
2013 International Taste and Quality Institute Grejpfrutowa gold
2014 International Taste and Quality Institute Antonówka gold
2016 International Taste and Quality Institute Cytrynówka gold
2013 International Spirits Challenge N/A silver
2017 Trade Hit Awards Various Won
  • Alongside Wodka Zoladkowa Gorzka de Luxe
  • Cytrynówka received a golden receipt for distinction
    and was the best flavored vodka for 3 years
2014-15 Trade Hit Awards Cytrynówka Won Only the 100 ml bottle [5]
2020 Liqueurs Brand Champion N/A Won [6]
2013 Effie Award N/A silver Awarded for "fruit in every drop" [7]

Since Lubelska's founding, in 2010, Lubelska grew more popular and the fastest growing liqueur, and since 2014, Lubelska is the largest flavored vodka brand in Poland. Some flavors were great that they put some flavors of Lubelska vodka into these awards.

Lubelska Soda

In 2019, Stock Polska introduced Lubelska Soda. The soda has two flavors and it contains 25% ABV, it only has 200 ml bottles worth of orange and lemon sodas. This is the first soda that contains alcohol in Poland. Currently it was on pilot testing for both Lubelska Soda cytrynówka and pomarańczówka.


Lubelska has several flavors of flavored vodka and several flavors of pure vodka. It was sold at 30% ABV for nalewkas, 37.5% ABV for winogrono znakomita, and 40% ABV for trzy zboża. The soda variant was released only for 200 ml bottles while vodkas were released either 40 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, and 750 ml. These flavors were distilled as part of the brand are:


  • Lubelska Trzy Zboża Wódka – Lubelska Three Grain Vodka (40% ABV)
  • Lubelska Winogrono Znakomita – Lubelska Grape Vodka (37.5% ABV)


  • Lubelska Wiśniówka – Lubelska Cherry
  • Lubelska Cytrynówka – Lubelska Lemon
  • Lubelska Grejpfrutowa – Lubelska Grapefruit
  • Lubelska Ananasowa – Lubelska Pineapple
  • Lubelska Żurawinówka – Lubelska Cranberry
  • Lubelska Pomarańczówka – Lubelska Orange
  • Lubelska Porzeczkowa – Lubelska Blackcurrant
  • Lubelska Mango – Lubelska Mango[1]
  • Lubelska Gruszkówka – Lubelska Pear
  • Lubelska Jeżynówka – Lubelska Blackberry[8]

Lubelska Lufka

Before 2015, there were several flavors worth 20 or 50 ml bottle that has 32 or 36% ABV in it.

In 2015, Lubelska released a 40 ml plastic cup called "lufka."[2] It was small that people taste test it and bring it on the go. Since there were two flavors available (cytrynówka/lemon liqueur and grejpfrutowa/grapefruit liqueur), some of the lufkas have wiśniówka and żurawinówka in it, but they no longer produce it. There were 20 small cups in a pack - ten on each flavor.

Former flavors

These flavors were no longer been manufactured and some of it were still available to the third party sellers now.

  • Lubelska Miętówka – Lubelska Peppermint
  • Lubelska Miodówka – Lubelska Honey
  • Lubelska Antonówka – Lubelska Apple
  • Lubelska Jarzębiak – Lubelska Rowan
  • Lubelska Orzechówka - Lubelska Walnut
  • Lubelska Brzoskwiniowa – Lubelska Peach
  • Lubelska Limonka i Mięta/Lubelska Miętówka z Limonką – Lubelska Lime and Peppermint
  • Lubelska Malinówka – Lubelska Raspberry


  • Lubelska Soda Cytrynówka – Lubelska lemon soda
  • Lubelska Soda Pomarańczówka – Lubelska orange soda

In popular culture

  • A Sack of Teeth mentions Lubelska Vodka, since the book was released in 2002, and how they feel while drinking it.[9]
  • In 2015, Świderile released a song called Wódka Lubelska, and talks about Lubelska and mixing it into Coca Cola.[10]

In the media



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