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Longtail UX
IndustryTechnology, software
Founded2013; 8 years ago (2013)
  • Andreas Dzumla (Co-founder & CEO)
  • Will Santow (Co-founder & CEO)
HeadquartersNew South Wales
Key people
  • Joel Bloomer (Chief Financial & Operating Officer)
  • Paul Kelcey (Vice President of Engineering)

Longtail UX (LUX) is an Australian technology company known for developing Customer Acquisition Platform that reinvent how businesses connect people to products.[1] The company was founded by Will Santow and Andreas Dzumla in 2013 and is headquartered in Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales. LUX is best known for matching consumer demand with products that companies sell through organic and paid search by delivering much better user experience.[2][3][4]

LUX specializes in landing page optimization, SEO, SEM, Google Ads, e-commerce growth, new customer acquisition, UX personalization, Conversion Rate optimization, and online market share. LUX has received recognition for their patented technology, which enables AI-optimized content discovery for any website, resulting in a better user experience and higher SEM and SEO conversion rates.[5][6][7]

LUX has been featured in several media outlets including RetailBiz, AusBiz, CMO, IT Wire, Courier Mail, Semrush, Australian Financial Review, and others.[8][9]


Longtail UX (LUX) was established in 2013 by Will Santow and Andreas Dzumla to help eCommerce and lead generation businesses gain more traction. Santow at that time led tertiary course aggregation websites - CareerFAQs and Dzumla worked at Google. Initially, the founders created a series of multi-product landing pages tailored to LUX's search terms, which resulted in a 400% increase in traffic in just two months. This is when they decided to take their concept to a commercial level.[10]

Within a year, LUX acquired one of Australia’s largest eCommerce stores as its client and achieved a 280% increase in inquiries in four months. In 2020, they secured funding from Woolworths’ venture capital arm W23.[11][12][13][14]

As of 2021, LUX has secured patents in the US, Japan, Australia, China, Singapore, and South Africa, with a pending application for Europe. Since its inception, LUX's client list has expanded to include major eCommerce brands such as Dan Murphys, Adore Beauty, and Myer.[15][16][17][18]

Products and services

LUX’s patented Customer Acquisition Platform offers a vast range of features, services and products such as:

  • Smart Pages

The LUX platform generates multiple Smart Pages, which organize the content on a company's product landing pages according to the customers' wishes. It displays the multiple products in the storefront window that matches the client's search intent. These pages are engineered to convert and are rewarded by search engines. They are also automated to adapt to stock and pricing changes, and engineered to convert.

  • LUX’s algorithm

LUX's proprietary algorithm matches text from search terms a company wants to rank for to product descriptors, taking into account synonyms, words to avoid, and words to prioritize.

  • LUX Optimisation

With LUX Optimization, Smart Pages are rotated regularly to increase traffic and revenue. Also, monthly strategic reviews are scheduled to ensure that the team exceeds benchmarks.

  • LUX Smart Links

With the smart links, LUX Organic Smart Pages integrate into a business’s native site structure with Smart Links. Its contextual proximity system adds unique links to 'like' or complementary products to each Smart Page to improve user experience and site authority. These links evolve dynamically as a result of product feeds, page creation, and keyword research, resulting in a virtuous relevance loop.

  • Synonyms library

To ensure that each product and its related content matches its assigned topic, LUX's internally created synonyms library features a large list of synonyms or 'like' phrases.



LUX Organic increases first-page organic search rankings with first-touch personalization for new customer acquisition using to-the-dollar measurement


With exact matching landing pages for every keyword and user intent, LUX Paid Smartpages to increase ROAS from paid search


LUX Shopping Smart Pages increases conversion rate and basket size by exposing more matching products from Google Shopping.


Longtail UX has secured $11.4M in six funding rounds.

Vision and Mission

The Longtail UX (LUX) mission is to reinvent how businesses connect people to products and their vision is to give the world what it's searching for.

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