Lohar (Lahauli)

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𑚥𑚴𑚩𑚭𑚤 लोहार
Native toHimachal Pradesh
EthnicityLohar (Also called Gara and Domba)
Native speakers
  • Indo-Iranian
    • Indo-Aryan
      • Unclassified Indo-Aryan
        • Lohar
Takri, Devanagari
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottologlahu1250  Lahul Lohar[1]

Lohar (Takri: 𑚥𑚴𑚩𑚭𑚤, Devanagari:लोहार) is a language which is spoken by Lohar people of Lahaul sector of Lahaul Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh. Lohar is name given to class of craftsmen who work with iron, gold, silver and other metals.[2][3]


The language doesn't have any poem or song. It is strictly a oral language, with stories developed in modern times.

A write-up highlighting the aspect and containing samples in this language has been published in a local journal Kunzom.[4] The language has been recorded under People's Linguistic Survey of India, under langauges of Himachal Pradesh Volume.[5]


The language has been strictly oral in nature. Nowadays Devanagari Script is used for writing. Takri being a native script is also speculated. [5]


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