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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a dedicated internet connection, bandwidth and routes between the local exchange and worldwide. It is a premium internet connectivity product which is nearly to the private network that is reserved only for the subscribed company and provides symmetrical internet speed in both directions (upload and download), which can be used to transfer voice or data or both and the network is available at the same speed the company have subscribed and guaranteed.[1]

The common usage are usually multipoint-to-multipoint connections such as online shopping, trading, banking, gaming, voice, video conferencing, world-wide shops and branches.[2] The company who needs the dedicated, secure, premium and guaranteed overseas bandwidth and routes will choose this internet service. It is not the same to the usual broadband internet service because of public, share, unsecure, no guarantee overseas bandwidth and routes.[3]

As it is a premium internet service and the quality is managed and committed, many companies actually use the DIA as a hosted platform to form a qualified SD-WAN, private cloud, VPN and leased line linked connection to provide services for internal access or public access.[4][5]

Types of DIA circuits

There are various types of DIA circuits:[6]

  1. Dedicated Fiber (also known as fast ethernet, metro ethernet, ethernet over fiber)
  2. Ethernet over Copper (EoC)
  3. T-1 (DS-1)
  4. T-3 (DS-3)
  5. Dedicated Fixed-Wireless

The type of DIA circuit a company needs depends upon the bandwidth it requires and the type of circuit available.

Key features and benefits of using Dedicated Internet Access

  • Guaranteed not just local bandwidth and routes but including overseas bandwidth and routes
  • Guaranteed the local loop connection quality, some are included resilience backup line
  • Symmetric internet connectivity for dedicated and committed speed,
  • The Internet Service Provider can provide the connectivity speed up to 1 Gbps,
  • Provides 24 hour support and service monitoring.
  • It also strengthens the company’s overall cybersecurity.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees network uptime, latency, packet loss, and jitter by some ISPs.
  • These all collectively improves productivity, continuity and growth of the company.

List of Dedicated Internet Access companies in Hong Kong

Below is a list of the major companies providing Dedicated Internet Access services in Hong Kong

Name Website
ACME Communications Telecom Internet Exchange IX
NTT Telecom
Orange Telecom
KDDI Communications
Equinix Hong Kong
TheGigabit Hong Kong


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