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Lions Not Sheep NFT
Lions Not Sheep NFT-6.jpg
Developer(s)Lions Not Sheep
ReleaseJune 2022

LIONS NOT SHEEP NFT is an Ethereum-based artwork project that allows holders to buy, sell, and trade Lions Not Sheep non-fungible tokens. All NFTs are designed by renowned comic book illustrator and writer Mike S. Miller, known for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other renowned projects. There are 17,760 digital collectibles in 14 categories with over 324 character qualities of variable rarity, making Lions Not Sheep NFTs absolutely unique.[1][2]

The whitelist minting started last June 6, 2022, while the public minting began on June 13, 2022. Lions Not Sheep represents a digital NFT community where members share an invite-only community-first philosophy and are united in their pursuit of Freedom, Personal Responsibility, community wellbeing, and charitable projects.[3][4]


In 2014, Sean Whalen, the creator of Lions Not Sheep, designed and wore a single T-shirt to raise awareness of the need to stop naively following news and media outlets. Within days, demands to purchase them began to come in. Sean's mother and children assisted him with printing, packaging, and shipping from home. When COVID struck, Sean transferred the manufacturing from his home to a warehouse with six people. Since then, Lions Not Sheep has become viral and has expanded like wildfire.[5]

In 2016, he began receiving requests from individuals for business and personal life coaching. Consequently, Sean's private coaching and networking organization, the Lion's Den, was established.

As of mid-2022, the Lion's Den has 3,000 members with a monthly membership fee of $297. Right after the launch, The Den was considered a premium networking and personal growth group for both men and women, allowing new members only a few times a year.

In April 2022, Lions Not Sheep sent an order of 200,000. Over 700,000 items of Lions Not Sheep-branded gear were in the hands of devoted enthusiasts.

Additionally, Sean's book sold over 800,000 copies, and his videos have been watched over one billion times.

Sean himself rides a GT American GT4 Class Auston Martin Supercar owned and operated by Lions Not Sheep. Soon, Lions Not Sheep will release a documentary on the organization and its Lions Den members.


The ownership of Lions Not Sheep NFTs can be verified through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT has been generated algorithmically by combining 324 characteristics of varying rarity distributed across 14 categories to produce one-of-a-kind Lion Not Sheep NFT. All characteristics will have an entirely distinct Lions appearance. Future upgrades and airdrops to NFT owners will further differentiate these Lions in terms of look and capabilities.

Lions Not Sheep NFT community members utilities

Here is a list of the core utilities that are included with each Lion Not Sheep NFT.

  1. The Freeman's World's Fair: In mid-2023, Lions Not Sheep is hosting the FreeMan World's Fair. This in-person and Metaverse-live-streamed event will become the pinnacle event promoting all things freedom-based. Simply put, if you combine a music festival, a gun show, a boat, a car, and a motorcycle show, with the best companies, amazing speakers, and Freedom all wrapped up into a two-day event, you would have an idea of what the Fair is all about. Your Lions Not Sheep NFT is your entrance ticket for the next three years.
  2. The value of the art. Every NFT is unique and stands for Freedom, designed for the times we are living in right now. Each has its own rarity traits, and you will own the rights to your NFT. As we all grow, the value of the NFT grows, directly impacting you since you can choose to sell your NFT.
  3. Play-to-earn video game: Lions Not Sheep NFT is launching its own world and play-to-earn video game inside the NFT world ecosystem.
  4. Reflections and rewards: reflection pools can benefit NFT holders directly via smart contract managed reflection airdrops. Affiliates can also benefit from the reflection mechanism.
  5. Do Good Initiative: 1% of our mint revenue goes directly to military veteran programs. In addition, the community's design establishes a permanent "Do Good Initiative," which enables the community to positively impact via quarterly do-good initiatives.

Roadmap of Lions Not Sheep NFT

  1. Ability to Activate Referral ID: Activate your unique Lions ID and have the ability to earn rewards.
  2. Join WhiteList: In this phase, a whitelist can be joined, and users need to add their wallets. Gain access to additional education, prizes, and discounts by becoming a whitelist Lions Not Sheep member.
  3. Lions Den Live IRL Event: Hosted in Salt Lake City on June 9 and 11, Lions Not Sheep is holding its 6th Annual Lions Den live event for members of the Lions Den coaching group, having sold 1,000 tickets.
  4. Early Whitelist Mint: The early minting for Lions Not Sheep NFTs will begin on June 6, 2022.
  5. Public Mint: Starting on June 16, 2022.
  6. Reflection Rewards: Each NFT receives rewards based on the NFTs held (Direct Reflections) and contribution to the community (Affiliate Reflections).
  7. Military Give Back: Every time a Lions Not Sheep NFT has minted, the founders take 1% from the sale and donate it to Military Veterans Programs. Funds will be deployed during this phase.
  8. Weekly Education and AMA Calls with Founder: Lions Not Sheep cares more about educating the community than it does about selling a product. Earn to Learn with their Web3, Metaverse, and NFT education are available for all members of its Discord group.
  9. Verified + Extra Rewards Begin: Community members can earn extra monthly rewards for referring more than five members to our Verified+ program.
  10. FREEMAN World’s Fair: Dates, location, and time will be released for this in-person and Metaverse-live-streamed event which will become the pinnacle event promoting all things freedom-based. NFT holders will be able to utilize their NFT for the entrance ticket for three years (2023, 2024, & 2025).



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