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Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray
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Born (1987-04-10) April 10, 1987 (age 34)
Perth, Australia

Liana Werner-Gray is an Australian-US-based Certified Nutritionist[1]. She has featured in many TV shows including Doctors TV, Dr. Oz, The Wendy Williams Show, News 12 NY, NBC, ABC News, CBS, and Fox television networks. She has also been interviewed by Forbes, Yahoo Beauty[2], Bustle, US Weekly Woman's Own, Pop Sugar[3], iHeart Radio, WABC, Podcasts including Dr. Gundry, Jim Kwik, and Max Lugavere. [4]

Early Life & Education

Liana was born in Perth, Australia on April 10, 1987, but raised in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. She lived in Arno Bay for four years from 2001 to 2004. She stayed in New York from 2010 to 2021 and recently moved to Florida and Virginia.[5] She graduated from Charles Darwin University and received her certification as a nutritionist with a specialty in sports nutrition from International Sports Sciences Association. Liana has also recently completed a course at Harvard Medical School for cardiometablic disease with nutrition[6] management.


Liana started her career as a health and lifestyle[7] author after her blog “The Earth Diet” went viral in 2009.[8] She landed up with multiple book deals with Hay House in 2012. At that time, she was also a Health Coach.

In her personal life, Liana overcame many health issues[9] including a tumor, chronic fatigue, digestive issues[10], and weight loss with nutrition and believes that food[11] is medicine. Her approach is functional medicine. [12]Being the Resident Health[13] and Nutrition Coach, Liana provides eating plans to patients.[14]

Liana regularly appears on television providing health tips[15] and recipes[16]. She has appeared on Doctors TV[17], Dr. Oz,[18] The Wendy Williams Show, News 12 NY, NBC, ABC News, CBS, and Fox television networks, and been interviewed by Forbes, Yahoo Beauty, Bustle, US Weekly Woman's Own, Pop Sugar, iHeart Radio, WABC, as well as Podcasts including Dr. Gundry[19], Jim Kwik, and Max Lugavere.[20] [21] (published by Hay House with a foreword by Mark Hyman. M.D).[22]

Being a Contributor

Liana contributed recipes to the Dr. Oz Show, Wendy Williams Show, Max Lugavere’s book Genius Foods[23], Penguin Random House, Huffington Post, Forbes, Grazia magazine, Bustle Magazine, Telegraph, Vitacost blog, Yoga Journal[24], and Dr. Gundry Podcast.[25]

Being a Speaker

Liana is a global speaker. She frequently visits the NYPD to give presentations, and schools in the USA, Australia, and Bali.[26] She was a keynote speaker at the Nutrition Therapy Association (NTA), Optimum Nutrition[27] in Chicago, Keto Edge Summit 2018 & 2019, So Northwest Womens Show, Seattle, organic stories around the world, Natural Products Expo East & Expo West, Hay House I Can Do It Conference with Wayne Dyer, Truth About Cancer Live[28], BlackRock NYY, Publicis, BHP, Barnes and Noble 2017 & 2019.[29]

Membership & Affiliations

Liana is an affiliate of IIN, an affiliate and investor to Ancient Nutrition, founded by Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin.[30][31] [32] [33]Moreover, Liana is an affiliate of Hu Kitchen.[34][35]

Awards & Honor

Liana was named "Miss Earth Australia" in 2009 by People's Choice.[36][37]

She had her first acting role in a children's television show named Yamba's Playtime (1995), as "Princess Liana. She also starred in films that received international praise and awards before she started her blog which she says is her true passion.[38]

Liana also won the Arts Award "Liana Nappi Award"[39] and "Business in the Community Award" at Charles Darwin University.[40]


Liana was talked about in a controversial article about “it’s cool to eat nothing”.

It is rumored that Liana’s controversial post on cancer on Miranda Kerr’s blog got Miranda’s entire blog shut down. Her blog no longer exists today because of Liana’s featured post. This news went viral globally.


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