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Liam Donafee
Liam Donafee (1).jpg
Born (1997-03-29) March 29, 1997 (age 27)
Known forTik tok Recipes, Challenges & “Sheesh That’s Bussin”
Height6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
RelativesDerek & Sandra Donafee

Liam Donafee (born29 March 1997), popularly known as Liam's Lunchbox is an American actor, travel food blogger, & influencer. He rose to popularity with his TikTok videos and has since then been featured on several TV shows & commercials. He is best known for his appearances in When Today Ends (2021), Betrayed (2016), and Sincerely, Me (2016).[1]

Donafee since his debut in the entertainment industry has gained mass popularity for sharing unique food recipes, food reviews, conducting interesting challenges - Sheesh That’s Bussin, and content creation.[2] He has amassed over 110K followers on Youtube and also built a strong following on TikTok. Donafee also ranked first in the Ohio Video production competition.[3]

Early life and education

Donafee was born on 29 March 1997 in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2008, his father was hit and killed. He completed his high school education at Brunswick Ohio Highschool. During this time, Donafee struggled with multiple eating disorders and depression, and anxiety but eventually became passionate about food. Donafee also played Hockey & Lacrosse when he was in high school. Later, Donafee studied at the Video Production Medina County Career Center.


Donafee started his career as a social media influencer during his high school years. He leveraged his passion for food to create engaging content. He has gained widespread recognition through his TikTok account, "liamslunchbox," where he showcases comedic food reviews and experiments with unconventional food combinations. Notably, his TikTok video transforming Ben & Jerry's chunks into cookies and brownies became a viral sensation, surpassing 1 million views.[4]

Renowned for his humorous approach to food, Donafee has produced entertaining videos such as cooking steak in the dishwasher and crafting a spaghetti-o-jello bundt cake, displaying his distinctive and comical food personality. His content resonates with a broad audience, delivering laughter alongside culinary experimentation.

Beyond his comedic culinary content, Donafee engages in public social experiments, mouthwash challenges, and playful parodies of other TikTok chefs. He initiated the viral "sheesh that's bussin” trend by playfully covering himself in the sauce.

Donafee also manages a YouTube channel, sharing food recipes, restaurant and food reviews, and travel adventures. His most recent video, documenting his solo travels to Yosemite National Park, was released in January 2024.

With a substantial online following, his YouTube channel has amassed 216,000 subscribers, while his Instagram account boasts 109,000 followers and his TikTok account boasts an impressive 4,576,839 followers.

Donafee is also recognized as an actor, contributing to films like "When Today Ends" (2021), "Betrayed" (2016), and "Sincerely, Me" (2016).


Title Year Type Role
When Today Ends 2021 Feature Film Jason Tremont
Street Ships 2018 Short Film Nathan
Betrayed 2016 TV Series Todd Kizer
Oscar 2017 Short Film Nick (Boy 1)
Sincerely, Me 2016 Feature Film Sean West
Jessie 2015 Short Film Adam
Unbridled Spirit 2015 Short Film Liam

Personal life

Donafee is currently based out of Los Angeles, California.

In the media



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