Les Enfants de Klang Leu

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Les Enfants de Klang Leu
  • Anne Collineau
  • Catherine Sarton
  • Jacques Collineau
  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Food
  • medical Assistance
HeadquartersBrest, France
Klang Leu, Cambodia
Key people
  • Gwennaëlle Delbard
  • Florence Massardier
  • Fabienne Hankard

Les Enfants de Klang Leu (EKL) is a Franco-Cambodian NGO started in 2006 by Anne and Jacques Collineau. The organisation's goal is to help children in the Sihanoukville Province receive an education and to provide some measure of material or financial support to struggling families. The organisation is registered in France as an association de loi 1901 (Nonprofit organization) since 2011 and also with the Cambodia. It's Chairperson was Catherine Sarton until 2019.


EKL's main actions concern education, child care, as well as food and medical assistance to children and their families.

Allow access to education and bring food, medical and social assistance to poor children and their families"Between 2017 and 2019, the organisation spent over 107 000$ USD mainly on education related expenses (School supplies, Sports, Activities, Tutoring...). As of 2019 their centre in Klang leu cares to the needs of 59 children aged between 18 months and 18 years old.


Having traveled to Cambodia in 2005, Anne and Jacques Collineau were struck by the Poverty living conditions of the children living in the village of Klang Leu, thus giving the charity it's name. Starting in 2006 the founders Anne and Jacques Collineau, took action on a local level. Helping children and families obtain clothes and access to school through Donation and partnerships.

The first centre was started in 2008 as an informal Preschool for young children allowing older siblings to go to school and parents to go to work, instead of caring for the children. The founders intended this as means to Empowerment the locals with time and give them an opportunity to seek a more stable situation. This differed from many charities at the time who assisted families with financial or material aide and often created a dependence to NGOs. It was only in the 2010s, that more and more charities shifted their strategies towards empowering communities rather than traditional assistance programs, making EKL one of the first to adopt this approach.

In 2011, having tripled the amount of children under it's care, EKL expanded and Institutionalisation. Renting a larger house and employing more full time workers as well as registering officially with the French government.

In 2016, EKL was officially recognized as a Non-governmental organization NGO by the Cambodia of Cambodia.

In 2018, the arrival of Foreign direct investment from China in the Sihanoukville area caused rent prices to skyrocket[1], forcing the organisation to move to a smaller facility with a higher rent despite having a growing number of children in their care.

In 2019, a law passed by the Cambodian government made most online gambling illegal, forcing many Chinese investors to lose interest in the area, abandoning construction projects and Layoff off thousands of workers[2]. This caused an increase in the number of poor people requiring help from NGOs like EKL.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the Kingdom of Cambodia to enter a Lockdown. Like in most under-developed countries, the lockdown affected Cambodia's poorest community the most, pilling on to the previous years' increases in rent and loss of jobs. Furthermore the Coronavirus recession created by the virus led to a decrease in corporate donations across the globe[3], not sparing EKL.


EKL raises on average over the past three years, about 33 000$ USD a year, not counting non-financial donations such as clothing or food items and discounted services. All of EKL's funding comes from private donations and corporate sponsors. As of march 2020, it's sponsors included: Challenge Cambodge, Presol, PureVitality, Jaya, Icare Group, Artitude, EDR and A.S.L.

A big Part of EKL's budget comes from a long standing partnership with the French School of Singapore (Formerly L.F.S) in Singapore. The French school organises multiple Fundraising events over their school year in partnership with Charities such as EKL, Blue Dragon, Krousar Thmey and others. The partnership started in 2011 and has been going on for almost a decade. In 2019, EKL received 10 000$ USD through fundraising activities in partnership with the school. However a shift in Singapore's Laws may force the French school to limit or halt donations to foreign charities.


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