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Legacy Fashionista
IndustryFashion Industry
Founded2015; 7 years ago (2015)
FounderSiti Sarah binti Sukeran
HeadquartersSarah Asyraf Holdings Sdn. Bhd, Pondoi Village, 73000 Tampin, N.Sembilan, Malaysia
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Siti Sarah binti Sukeran, Muhammad Asyraf bin Dahalan, Dahalan bin Saleh, Nor Dalila binti Abu Hassan, Siti Hadijah binti Omar, Sukeran bin Nasiman
  • Handbags for Women
  • Sling Bags for Women
  • Tote for Women
  • Backpacks for Women

Legacy Fashionista is one of Malaysia’s largest online e-commerce stores for handbags. It is best known for providing a collection of international high-street fashion brands as well as popular local brands. As one of the biggest retailers for women's handbags in Southeast Asia, the fashion brand offers all types of bags like handbags, slings, totes, and backpacks for women.[1]

A family-run business, Legacy Fashionista was founded in 2015 by a powerful couple, Siti Sarah binti Sukeran and Muhammad Asyraf bin Dahalan.


Legacy Fashionista is a family-run business founded by Siti Sarah binti Sukeran and Muhammad Asyraf bin Dahalan in 2015. Based in Malaysia, the fashion brand saw its birth with the launch of Janang Legacy Enterprise, which later came to be known as Legacy Fashionista. Initially, Sarah had her focus on all women's products, which included apparel, footwear, accessories, watches, and jewelry. After identifying the market demand and to overcome the issue of varied sizes, Sarah decided to shift her agenda to just handbags, sling bags, totes, and backpacks.

Sarah's Legacy Fashionista got a kick start with a $1000 loan given to Sarah by her sister Marina Sukeran. Gradually, the company picked up and produced 200 shoes for women, which were sold off in a week, generating $2,500 in revenue. After repaying the loan amount, Sarah brought in more designs and colors to offer variety to her customers. And since then, there has been no looking back for Sarah, and she has received more capital for her firm. Sarah increased her production to 5000 pieces and generated $25000 in revenue after receiving $12500 in funding from her family members. Thereafter, the couple paid off all their dues and focused on generating profits.

It was in May 2017 that Legacy Fashionista had its label on all its products and officially got registered in Sarah’s name for a decade’s time period. In 2019, the founders of the company decided to incorporate Sarah Asyraf Holdings Sdn Bhd to bring Legacy Fashionista to another level. Gradually, both Sarah and Asyraf opened two other boutiques, further expanding their business. After attaining a certain level of success and goodwill, Legacy Fashionista was contacted by agencies to sponsor dramas and films, which include Sang Pewaris, Jangan Menangis Cinta, and Hati Yang Dikhianati.


Legacy Fashionista garnered funding from the founder’s family sources. Sarah’s sister, Marina Sukeran, father-in-law, Dahalan Saleh, brother-in-law, Zulfadli, and two of her brothers, Imran and Lukman Hakim invested in her startup.


Legacy Fashionista is an e-commerce platform offering premium-quality handbags in various designs and types. The products offered by the company include tote bags, sling bags, handbags, and backpacks catering to all the needs of women. It is best known for offering multiple varieties of tote bags like market tote, multifunctional tote, beach tote, reversible tote, and canvas tote, all available on the platform at affordable rates.

Legacy Fashionista offers a curated lifestyle collection of international high-street fashion brands and popular local brands designed to fit all body types and seasons. It draws influence from international catwalks and vintage looks by providing a perfect combination of both. The fashion brand strives to offer the best to its customers and has multiple payment options available. Legacy Fashionista is constantly expanding their handbag design range, most recently in the premium and limited edition category.

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