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Lawless Lions is a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated lions inhabiting the jungles of the metaverse. The project allows its holders to display their NFTs, read e-books, & take crash courses in both crypto & pseudo-crypto assets along with the ability to stake their NFTs for in-game rewards. The lion holders can also use their native NFT as an avatar to interact with other members.[1][2]

Lawless Lions NFT aims to do away with questions associated with WEB3 in its early stages and have users draw benefits out of it.[3]


The idea behind Lawless Lions was planted by a 23-year-old real estate superstar Dylan Chasse who got inspired by how another real estate brokerage implemented tools inside of a virtual world for their agents worldwide. Dylan’s inspiration motivated him to create a similar offering in the revolutionary Web 3.0 space which gave birth to Lawless Lions.[4]

Lawless Lions aims to create a platform for learning and displaying crypto knowledge through different features. The project is one of the first with a registered & fully doxxed BID (6d56773619f4). There are a total of 1000 spots available for whitelisting with a mint price of 0.07 ETH each. Throughout their engagement, the holders will be permitted exclusive access to a countless number of e-books, video courses, pre-recorded & live seminars, & 1 on 1 consultations with web3 professionals. A real-time crypto exchange will also be updated every hour.[5]


The Lawless Lions holders can connect their wallets and explore tools, resources, and educational materials associated with crypto, NFTs, and the blockchain by using their NFT avatar and interacting with other community members. The auditorium space will be used for future AMA, live seminars by respected members of the WEB3 community, as well as cryptocurrency prize draws. The platform will be accessible on all devices like desktops, CPUs, tablets, or mobile devices.[6]

Roadmap of Lawless Lions

The whitelisting of Lawless Lions will be witnessed on April 7, 2022, followed by public minting on April 10, 2022. The platform will be available for use & implementation anywhere between 3-5 weeks after the public mint date.[7]

The proceeds from their first launch will be used to purchase a plot in Decentraland & lease the space out to a web3 developer(s). The potential monthly income of a holder amounts to approximately $80 upon purchase and lease of plots in Decentraland.

Down the line, Lawless Lions aims to introduce Legacy Lions & Clueless Cubs, 1/1 NFTs.

The project holders will also experience interactive avatars & characters for the mainstream Metaverse and decentralized gaming soon.



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