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Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT is a collection of 8888 unique traversable 90-meter 3D mega yachts made for exploring the digital marine world within the metaverse. The project allows members to take a tour of every inch of the yacht, including the casinos, gyms, spas, movie rooms and master cabins.[1]


Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT has been developed by Arin Alesauskas, CEO; Gunnar Dunbar, COO; and Oriana Schneps, CMO to launch the authentic and luxury yachts culture into the digital ecosystem through blockchain technology. The project caters to NFT enthusiasts, crypto traders, and young investors,millennials and Gen-Zs. The goal of Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is to conserve oceans and showcase high-end marine craftsmanship.[2]

The L8YC party comprises complimentary L8YC merchandise, music, food, drinks, and celebrity appearances. The project team has planned $250,000 giveaways to its members that includes a Rolex watch to each holder in attendance. An amount of $400,000 raised from minting will be publicly donated to nonprofits that aid in ocean conservation.[3]

The top 25 L8YC holders stand a chance to become a part of the Member Appreciation Celebration aboard a yacht in Florida, USA. The L8YC members will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive networking events and week-long yacht charters every 3 months.[4]

The royalty distribution of Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT is as follows: 5% of royalties from secondary sales will be donated to an ocean-friendly nonprofit; another 5% will be reinvested into community members via NFT airdrops, and complimentary merchandise. Royalty of 10% will be awarded to holders as passive income and the rest 80% will be reinvested into project development and growth.[5]


The Metamask Chrome extension allows the members to buy L8YC NFTs with Ethereum. Once the public minting is live, the users will be able to buy the L8YC NFT off the floor at Opensea.

Roadmap of Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT

The Lazy 8ight Yacht Collection will go on presale Spring, 2022.

The team has set aside 1,500 early access spots for active members of their community. 88 VIP cards will also be dropped as an additional incentive for early birds. 15 lucky holders from the first 400 yachts minted during the presale will receive tickets to an all-inclusive yacht party in Miami on the day of public mint to celebrate.[6]



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