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Type of businessPrivate
Available inEnglish
Founded2013; 11 years ago (2013)
Country of originUnited States of America
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)Zurab Ashvil
ServicesDecentralized Blockchain, Regulated Blockchain, Permissioned Blockchain, Blockchain Consensus Operating System
Launched2013; 11 years ago (2013)
Current statusActive

L3COS (pronounced ‘leckoss’) stands for Level 3 Consensus Operating System, the world’s first blockchain-based operating system. It was founded in 2013, by Zurab Ashvil.[1] L3COS has been designed to help governments, commerce and society reap the benefits of the digital transformation of the economy.[2]

The system is completely auditable and transparent and every transaction traceable and immutable. It has the potential to transform the way society functions by harnessing the power of automated processes and procedures to reduce the burden of regulations and costs, while protecting individuals and their data.[3]

L3COS can be used by governments and regulators by building in legal and regulatory rules, thus ensuring that all identities and transactions are protected under a country’s laws.[4] By providing a legal and financial management system for countries, corporations and households, L3COS can digitalise the whole economy.

The operating system is designed to be quantum-safe, scalable and removes the most expensive aspects of commerce, by verifying identities and automatically executing smart contracts.

L3COS provides users with decentralisation, security, transparency and speed with the added benefit of incorporating the full legal and regulatory structure of each nation’s civic and commercial laws and regulations – and is automatically updated as changes are made.[5][6][7]


L3COS was founded in 2013 by serial tech entrepreneur Zurab Ashvil.[8] Ashvil has a background in technology, and is an advocate of cloud-based distribution systems. Since inception, he has worked with over 1200 developers around the globe to create L3COS.[9]

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