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Lacrima Dairy Industrial
IndustryDairy Product Manufacturing
Founded1959; 65 years ago (1959)
HeadquartersSofia, Sofia City, Bulgaria
ProductsWhite Cheese, Yellow Cheese, Butter
Number of employees
201-500 employees[1]

In Bulgaria, Lacrima is one of the most experienced dairy producers. They are producing high-quality traditional Bulgarian yellow cheese and white brine cheese.[2][3][4][1]


Established in 1959, with an area of 3,000 m², Lacrima's plant is one of the oldest in Bulgaria and one of the largest dairies in the country in terms of production capacity. The plant is situated in the town of Pazardzhik, South Bulgaria, near the Rhodope Mountains and Maritza river. This region is famous for fertility of its lands, cattle breading, green pastures, and cheese production.[2][4] Our cheese is entirely hand-made by very experienced cheese masters, following a traditional Bulgarian recipe, which uses the highest quality Bulgarian milk and carefully selected ferments.[3][1][5]

After the World War II, a new political and economic path was imposed in Bulgaria in 1953. the dairy industry is organized under the leadership of an organization "Mlechna Promishlenost". This organization is building huge dairies equipped with modern technology for its time. One of them is today's LÀCRIMA DAIRY - on April 1, 1959 the state economic enterprise "Mlekoprerabotvane - Pazardzhik" was established.[6]

On May 1, 1969, "Mlekoprerabotvane" - Pazardzhik passed to the State Economic organization "Serdika". On January 1, 1971, the company became a branch of the state organization "Dairy Industry" and renamed as “Mlechna Promishlenost” in 1976. After the fall of the socialist regime in Bulgaria, the dairy plant underwent several transformations. In 1990, it was entered in the registers of the state companies by the Plovdiv District Court, with subject of activity - purchase, processing of milk, production of dairy products, trade in the country and abroad. In 1991, the Plovdiv Regional Court registered a sole proprietorship with limited liability with state property and become a sole proprietorship joint stock company in 1996.

In June 1997 by the District Court - Pazardzhik the name was changed - from "Mlechna Promishlenost" JSC to "Mlechna Promishlenost - Pazardzhik" JSC. At the end of 2000, 98.2% of the capital is privately owned, and the State retained 1.8% of the shares. On September 1, 2003 a General Meeting of Shareholders of "Mlechna Promishlenost - Pazardzhik" JSC was held. At the suggestion of Ex. Director Eng. G. Gerdjikov decided to change the name of the company. On April 5, 2004, with Decision of the District Court - Pazardzhik, a change was entered in the name of the company from "Mlechna Promishlenost - Pazardzhik" JSC to “LAKRIMA” JSC - Pazardzhik. Nowadays, from 2020 the dairy plant belongs and is managed by Euro Investment Holding JSC and the plant`s production is still distributed under the same trademark.

Lacrima second Plant is situated in Zarqa Free Zone Area, In Jordan, the processing capacity of dairy factories is over 564 650 tons per day. About 95 percent of produced milk is delivered to dairy factories, of which 52 percent is delivered to the Dairy Breeders Association, located in the Zarqa region in the eastern part of the country. Furthermore, about 92.7 percent of delivered milk comes from dairy cows, whereas the rest comes from goats and sheep.[2][4]


They produced traditional Bulgarian white brine cheese and yellow cheese (Kashkaval) of cow, goat and sheep milk. Dairy products including condensed milk, organic milk, cream cheese, butter etc.[4]


Since the company was founded, it has invested resources and expertise in the local cattle farms to ensure purity, quality, consistency and rich nutritional values of the cows’ milk we buy.[3][1]

For food safety in the dairy laboratory, Lacrima tests every batch of milk and ferment it buys. While throughout the production process, each product undergoes more than 30 quality tests.[2][3][4] Lacrima has International Food Standard (IFS) accreditation – the highest international production standard for quality and hygiene.[7]

All the products are also Halal certified by the Grand mufti`s office of the Muslim Denomination in Republic of Bulgaria.[3] Lacrima white brined cheese and yellow cheese is made conforming to Bulgarian State Standard (BDS) and matured minimum 45 days.[7]


Lacrima’s cheese products won two gold medals at the international food expo “The World of Milk” in Sofia in 2014.[5]


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