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Kyle Hill
Personal information
Born (1989-03-21) 21 March 1989 (age 34)
Mequon, Wisconsin, USA
  • YouTuber
  • Science communicator
  • Comedian
Height1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
YouTube information
Also known as"The Administrator", "Discount Thor"
Years active2014–present
  • Science
  • Pop Culture
Total views126,525,412 (Because Science included)[1]

Last updated: 08 June 2020

Kyle Hill (/kʰa͡ɪl.hɪl/ ; born on the 21st of March 1989[2]), is a US YouTuber, comedian, and science communicator, known primarily for his first YouTube channel Because Science. In 2013, he was named "one of the top science communicators to follow online" by WIRED magazine, alongside award-winning science writer Ed Yong, xkcd’s Randall Munroe, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, among others.[3]

Personal life

Kyle Hill was born in Mequon, Wisconsin, USA[4] on Tuesday, the 21st of March 1989[2].

Love life

He has been in a relationship with beauty YouTuber Claire Max since 2014[5].


Aside from his passion for science and pop culture, his three main hobbies are the "Magic: The Gathering" (MTG) trading card game[6], climbing[7], and video games[8].

His favourite TV show is The Expanse[9].


Kyle Hill holds the opinion that criticising GMOs is a politically motivated fallacy[10]: He argues that humans have been genetically modifying food ever since we started selecting animals and plants in order to make traits desirable to us more prominent (see selective breeding).

Hill also is partial to nuclear energy, arguing that it is cleaner, more ene


Hill hosted the new Mythbusters series "The Search", which premiered on Science in November 2017 [11]. The series broadcast the search for the successors of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, the hosts of the original Mythbusters series[12].


The new Mythbuster series was widely disliked by fans of the previous Mythbusters series, as shown by its IMDb score of 3.9[13].

Because science

As the in-house science editor at Nerdist Industries, Kyle Hill was given a science education show, "Because Science", wherein he used "real-world math and science concepts to solve, measure, and make sense of pop culture quandaries in comics, video games, movies, and TV."[14] Kyle Hill hosted "Because Science" from the 2nd of October 2014[15] as a show on the Nerdist YouTube channel, and due to its success the show became its own channel on the 28th of August 2015[16]. To this day, the channel is still being updated by Nerdist on a regular basis with footage that hadn't yet been uploaded when Kyle Hill left.


After tinkering with black holes and quantum mechanics in [THE FACILITY]his space laboratory/base of operationsthe Administrator (Kyle Hill) got trapped in a computer and was left to float in a massless void, from which he educated humanity[17].

In the Footnote episodes towards the end of his tenure in the void, Hill would make supervillainy phone calls to an unknown partner or minion[18]. Viewers occasionally mentioned the Admininstrator's "supervillainy-ness", which he denied in a suspicious manner[19].


Main episodes

See also: The Main Episodes YouTube playlist

In Main Episodes and live shows, Hill is seen standing behind a lit pane of glass, on which he draws and writes throughout his performances in order to illustrate the subject at hand or show the math involved. The footage is subsequently flipped horizontally for the viewer to see text the right way around.

Contrary to "Because Science Live", Main Episodes are scripted, edited, and researched.


See also: The Footnotes YouTube playlist

In "Footnotes", Kyle Hill would react and answer to selected YouTube comments from the previous episode's comment section.

Footnote videos were typically divided in the following parts:

  1. A science fun fact as an introduction + A hint as to what the topic of the following episode is.
  2. A quick recap of the video the comments are going to be about.
  3. Remarks and questions.
  4. The author of the nerdiest remark receives the title of "Super Nerd".
  5. What Kyle Hill got wrong in the previous episode: Corrections from viewers.
  6. The author of the nerdiest correction receives the title of "Super Nerd".
  7. The topic of the following episode is announced.

Interesting note: Hill kept track of whom he had given the "Super Nerd" title and would give double/triple/... Super Nerd titles to those who had already gotten it before[20].

Because science live

See also: The Because Science Live YouTube playlist

In the Because Science live shows, Kyle Hill would go live on YouTube with the chat enabled, and after a short introductory piece of science trivia, he would answer questions from the live chat. Rather than reading it himself, Kyle had people moderating the chat, and voice-of-the-void Nate could be heard reading out selected questions or comments.

Hill memorised the names of frequent commenters and Patreon supporters, and would mention their involvement when answering questions or let out an "OG MB!" if it was Matter Beam. Matter Beam is a recurrent character in the Kyle Hill universe that is shrouded in mystery but is supposedly a real, particularly knowledgeable person (see "smart boi" below) who would occasionally chime in during live shows and in the comment section of videos[21]. Kyle Hill met Matterbeam on the Atomic Rockets website[22].

The facility

On the 28th of February 2020, Hill published a video titled "Welcome to [THE FACILITY]" on his personal YouTube channel, wherein he announced his departure from Nerdist and the Because Science channel.


Five years after getting trapped into a [FACILITY] computer, Kyle Hill re-emerged from the Void to resume his position as Administrator[17].

A.R.I.A., voiced by Claire Max, is the Administrator's AI assistant.

Lola the Kaiju and Kevin are the two other named characters in the [FACILITY] that serve Hill's storytelling. Lola's silhouette can be seen through the glass when the Administrator is seen in the greenhouse, while Kevin is never seen on screen but often addressed.


Main episodes

See also: The [FACILITY] playlist

Kyle Hill is seen sitting or standing in various CG settings, from which he educates the viewer on Sci-Fi topics similar to those discussed on Because Science, as well as science topics that are not directly related to pop culture.

Office hours

See also: The Office Hours playlist

To emulate the time he spent chatting and learning from his teachers in College during their office hours, which he remembers fondly[23], Kyle Hill invites his viewers to a weekly livestream. Contrary to Because Science Live, there is a lot happening on screen, and moments answering questions from the live chat are interspaced by planned pieces of science trivia and/or science news. During Office Hours, Hill also awards the "Published Author" title to the author of a YouTube comment that struck him as particularly interesting.


Hill expressed the desire to possibly host Twitch streams[23], but hasn't made any further announcements as of June 2020.

Reasons for Kyle Hill's departure from Because science

Kyle Hill has remained elusive as to why he left Nerdist. However, it can be said that Kyle Hill felt that he did not enjoy complete creative liberty in the creation of the content for Because Science, and thus did not wish to continue under Nerdist's leadership[24].

Inside jokes


For a great deal of his time hosting Because Science and to this day, Kyle Hill has often received and reacted to comments and questions regarding his luscious hair. As he gladly answers such questions, this has somewhat become an inside joke amongst his followership, and moments where he talks about his hair have long been called "Mane-tain" both by him and the community. His hair care goes as follows[25]:

  1. Shower.
  2. Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Pat dry.
  4. Apply bit of argan oil (this is the step he most often mentions in videos).
  5. Air dry and no brushing.

Love your channel

Viewers often introduce messages and comments to Kyle Hill with "Hi Kyle, love you channel!" which has somewhat become a meme in the community[22].


Most of Kyle Hill's play with words throughout his videos can be put into one of two categories "∅-bois"[26] (an intentional deformation of "boys", used in conjunction with an adjective to describe a man) and the intentional mispronunciation of certain words as if they were Italian or French words[27], or simply pronounced phonetically in English[22].

In the media



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