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Kyle Dendy
Kyle Dendy.JPG
CitizenshipUnited States of America
OccupationEntrepreneur, speaker[1]
Years active2015 - present
OrganizationDendy Media, Dendy Ventures
Spouse(s)Chandler Dendy

Kyle Dendy (born 1998; Dallas, Texas) is an American digital marketer, publicist, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.[2] By the age of 22, Dendy has build a reputation of PR expert, through his Dendy Ventures, a six-figure multi-million dollar PR agency.[3][4][5]

Born in Dallas, Dendy works closely with music artists, speakers, and entrepreneurs to help them get more search visibility. He has authored his first book in 2015 and as of 2021, he has another three books. Dendy is also a contributor on Entrepreneur magazine.[6]

In a short span of time, Dendy has built a reputation as a PR expert who brings his clientele to get featured in a number of high-tier news publications including Fox, CBS, NBC, Yahoo and others. Dendy has been known for his storytelling approach and has inspired over 7,000 people to start their speaking careers.[7]

Early life and education

Dendy was born in 1998 in Dallas, Texas. Right from his childhood, he was inclined towards entrepreneurship and started his first venture, a shoeshine business when he was in second grade. Dendy’s childhood dream of becoming an athlete was also shattered as he had to undergo a couple of surgeries.


After recovering from surgeries, Dendy started slower motivational rap songs which were posted on Soundcloud. He received positive feedback from people and this inspired him to become a motivational speaker. Dendy speaks at conferences and industry events on the topics of positive motivation, entrepreneurship and soon started to travel the United States.[8] He has participated in several speaking engagements and also started a course on how to effectively schedule public speaking engagements.[9][10]

Soon, Dendy realized the potential of press releases to create corporate branding for individuals, he set up a digital marketing agency, Dendy Media that features clients into a number of publications to build a strong online presence. [11] In a short time, from zero, Dendy led his PR company to reach seven-figure in sales and was able to establish himself as a pioneer PR expert.[12][13][14]


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In the media

Personal life

Dendy currently lives in Beverly Hills, California. He is married to Chandler, his childhood friend on a rooftop in New York City.[18]


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