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Kat Alyst
Kat Alyst.JPG
Lufkin, Texas
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Known forPhotography and Art Publications across the globe[1]
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Kat Alyst (born Lufkin, Texas) is an American artist and photographer.[2] She is best known for her photography and artwork.[3] Alyst is recognized for her unique work that is infused with a touch of surrealism and nostalgia.[4] She has worked with several models and high-profile clientele along with a number of non-profit organizations including, The Austin Music Foundation, multiple Anti-Human Trafficking non-profit organizations from New Orleans, Austin, New York, and Los Angeles.[5][6]

Alyst firmly believes in giving back to the communities she frequents and continues to make donations for several causes ranging from mental health aid, LGBTQ+ groups, youth-oriented organizations, Trans Justice Funding Projects, Black Lives Matter, and others.[7]

Alyst has been featured in multiple media outlets and magazines including, Italian Vogue, Beautiful Decay Magazine, LA Wire, NY Weekly, Vulkan Magazine, Entertainment Monthly, and others.[8]

Early life and education

Alyst was born in East Texas. She was inclined towards the artistic field since adolescence. Later, Alyst enrolled in Stephen F. Austin State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Digital Media and Photography.

Alyst began photographing herself as she transitioned through the rest of art school. She was later selected in the The Texas National. Alyst’s BFA show - “Kataklysm”, consisted of Self-Portraits and was highly acclaimed.


Alyst began her creative career when she joined Shop LC TV, an American cable network based in Austin, Texas, as a graphic designer. Alyst worked for three years with the firm, where she was responsible for the company's internal promotions, revamping of television on-air graphics, and designing web banners, print promotional materials, and logos.

Eventually, Alyst started taking independent contracts related to digital marketing such as graphic designing, social media content, website development, contract building, and more.[9]

Alyst also joined The Austin Chronicle as a photography intern. Alyst worked for over a year with this firm, where she handled events and portraiture for local news and stories along with working in the interviews and photojournalism department. She received the cover page for her first assignment.

After her exit from Shop LC TV, Alyst joined Art+Design Magazine, where she assisted world renowned photographers who had worked with Vogue, Marie Claire and more since the 1990’s.[10][11] During her tenure at this publishing company, Alyst was responsible for event planning, photographing portraits and products, networking, and acted as a social media coordinator, as well digital media manager.[12]

From there, she revamped into a fast paced photo career she is best known for present day.[13][14]


Alyst’s work focuses on apathetic expressions, painted in vibrant hues. She gained popularity and attention with her Beautiful Decay Magazine photo series. Ever since then, Alyst has been published in several magazines and online websites, been a part of gallery debuts and more.

Alyst's work is inspired by the works of photographer David LaChapelle. It focuses on more color curation that highlights a romantic theme and is often considered as an ode to the Italian Renaissance.


Personal Life

As of present day, Alyst resides between Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas to continue work with brands, celebrities, models, and more.[15]

In the media


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