Karura Mau

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Karura Mau
GenreUrban fantasy, dark fantasy
Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau!
Written byKiichi Nagakubo
Published byAsahi Sonorama
Original runOctober 1, 19861998
Anime film
Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau! Nara Onryō Emaki
Directed byTakaaki Ishiyama
Produced byKazuhiko Inomata
Ritsuko Kakita
Tamaki Harada
Written byYu Yamamoto
Music byMakoto Mitsui
StudioGinga Teikoku
Toei Animation
ReleasedApril 8, 1989
Runtime80 minutes
Original video animation
Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau! Sendai Kokeshi Enka
Directed byTakaaki Ishiyama
Produced byKazuhiko Inomata
Tamaki Harada
Written byYu Yamamoto
Music byMakoto Mitsui
  • Ginga Teikoku
  • Eizo Kobo
  • Toei Animation
ReleasedSeptember 14, 1990 - March 8, 1991
Runtime30 minutes
Hengen Taima Yako Karura Mau!
Written byKiichi Nagakubo
Published byAkita Shoten
Mystery Bonita
Original run1998 – present

Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau! (Japanese: 変幻退魔夜行カルラ舞う!, Hepburn: Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau!, "Phantasmagoric Exorcism Night Parade - Karura Dance!"), also known as simply Karura Mau! (迦楼羅天!, Karura Mau!), is a Japanese manga series by Kiichi Nagakubo that combines elements of urban fantasy and Japanese folklore.[1] Its first two volumes were adapted to an animated feature film in 1989 and an OVA series in 1990 respectively.[2][3]


Shōko Ōgi (扇翔子) Voiced by: Hiromi Tsuru

The wisest of the sisters, Shōko possesses the Scroll of Heaven and the ability to perceive spiritual forces. She is calm and intelligent and has black hair. Her sister nicknames her "Shii-chan".

Maiko Ōgi (扇舞子) Voiced by: Yuriko Yamamoto

A highschool slacker, Maiko is the most energetic of the sisters. She has the Scroll of Earth and the power to banish spirits. She has red hair and excels at sports, being a black belt in aikido.

Oumi Ōgi (扇千景) Voiced by: Naoko Kyoda

The sisters' grandmother and leader of their family. Although officially retired, she helps them with her guide and power in moments of need.

Tsukasa Kenmochi (剣持司) Voiced by: Kaneto Shiozawa

A powerful onmyoji who works as a suave acupuncturist in his daily life. Nicknamed "The Dark Deathkeeper" (闇の死繰人, Yami no Shiguruto), he is a secret descendant of Abe no Seimei and persecutes those who abuse magic for bad purposes. He wields special needles named amagihagiri (天羽々切).

Chikae Ikeda (池田近江) Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba

A serious, polite student with spiritual abilities and a background in kenpo. The sisters met him in their first mission in Nara, covered in the anime film, where Chikae's father had been murdered through a curse. Afterwards, he joins the team and becomes Kenmochi's apprentice. He has feelings for Maiko.

Nishikiori (錦織彰) Voiced by: Yusaku Yara

Nishikiori is a veteran police agent working for the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office. Though initially skeptical of magic, he is in charge of cases related to the supernatural, and often acts as the sisters' liaison and bodyguard.

Wani (和珥) Voiced by: Asami Mukaidono

An onryo from the Nara period. She was found by the sisters in their first mission and became their ally, sometimes protecting them from other spirits in their missions. She can be summoned from a small stone sphere.

Hiroe Ikeda (辰王) Voiced by: Masashi Hironaka

Chikae's half brother, he was involved with a conspiracy that murdered their father, as he planned to use them to kill their mother as well for his own reasons. Later defected and followed his own way, becoming a sporadic ally to the team, albeit developing a rivalry with Kenmochi. A proficient magic user, he acts under the masked alter ego of "Dragon King" (辰王, shinno).


Revieweing site Starcrossed Anime positively rated the OVA adaptation as "a pure, unadulterated horror thriller", also praising its soundtrack and animation.[4]


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