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Julijana Lulu Vučo
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Pozarevac, Serbia
Died1985(1985-00-00) (aged 85–86)
Belgrade, Serbia
Spouse(s)Aleksandar Vučo
Parent(s)Jovan Simeonović and Ružica Ugričić

Julijana Lula Vučo (Pozarevac, Serbia, 1899 - Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1985) was a Serbian artist, a member of the Belgrade group of Surrealists. She was the wife of the famous Serbian writer Aleksandar Vučo.


Julijana Vučo was born in 1899 in Požarevac, in a respectable family of Jovan Simeonović and Ružica Ugričić. She was educated in Belgrade and Nice, where she graduated. In 1917, she enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, where she finished only the first two years, because in 1920 she married Aleksandar Vučo and moved to Belgrade. The married couple had two sons, Đorđe and Jovan. The eldest son, George, died in 1943 in Valjevo. [1]The daughter of their younger son Jovan is Juliana Vučo, professor of Italian [2]and holder of the Order of the Knight of the Star of Solidarity of the Republic of Italy (Cavaliere della stella della solidarietà of the Republic of Italy) for services in spreading the Italian language and culture. [3]

During her life, Julijana Lula Vučo was engaged in various activities in the field of art and culture. She died in Belgrade in 1985.[4]

Artistic work within the Belgrade group of Surrealists

In 1926, the young Vučo family moved to their new house, where avant-garde poets and intellectuals gladly gathered. Julijana actively participated in the activities related to the founding of the Belgrade group of Surrealists and the publication of the Almanac Nemoguče-L'Impossible(1930), the first joint publication of the Belgrade Surrealists in which their founding manifesto was published, signed by thirteen Surrealists. [5]Juliana was not among the signatories because she was the first artist of Surrealism, because the woman artist remained invisible within the avant-garde work, just as she was during the entire history of art. The artists of the first generation of surrealism "shyly", primarily as wives, muses and collaborators, re-examined the hierarchical relations in the art group, without questioning the leading positions of male authors and the entire leadership hierarchy. However, she actively participated in the creation of works by Belgrade Surrealists, and her authorial contribution to avant-garde surrealist trends was, almost a century later, clearly positioned and brought to the same level with much more famous male colleagues. [6] Together with her husband Aleksandar Vučo, Marko and Ševa Ristić and the French surrealist writer André Thirion, she created the series Le cadavre exquise. In 1930, with Vučo and Dušan Matić, she assembled Une atmosphère du printemps et de jeunesse, and in 1932, with Vučo and Radojica Živanović Noe, she organized an exhibition of surrealism in the Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion in Belgrade. [7]

Engaging in the world of fashion

In 1932, she opened a fashion salon with Ella Pops, which followed the fashion trends of Paris. The salon was first located on Paris Street and later moved to the Palace of Reunion. It was destroyed during the April 6 1941 Nazi bombing of Belgrade. [8]

Cultural activities

Immediately after the war, in 1945, Lula Vučo opened the Kultura bookstore in Terazije, and two years later she was one of the founders of the famous Jugoslovenska knjiga bookstore in the Palace of Albania on Knez Mihailova Street. From 1950 to 1955, she worked as a deputy director in the publishing company Yugoslavia. In 1950, she collaborated on the organization of a large exhibition of Art in Yugoslavia, which was presented in Paris and Rome.

Julijana Lula Vučo was the editor of many photo monographs on cities. She devotedly worked on the editing of all editions of books and texts by Aleksandar Vučo. In 1967, she edited and published Contemporary Cookbook. [9]

Interesting facts

When the Republicans, including Koča Popović, were defeated in the Spanish Civil War, it was a big problem how to get out of Spain. Lula Vučo had very good connections in Paris, and through her friends, she managed to get Koča out.[10]

When Ivo Andrić and Milica Babić got married, in the Belgrade municipality of Stari grad, their godparents were the married couple Aleksandar and Julijana Lula Vučo. [11][12]


Ella Pops was the daughter of lawyer Friedrich Pops and the wife of the famous football player and doctor Milutin Ivković.[13]


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