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Joy Zahar
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Background information
BornSeptember 24, 1986
Beirut, Lebanon
GenresAmbient, Electronica, House
  • Guitarist
  • Composer
  • Electronic Music Producer

Joy Zahar, a Lebanese people Guitarist / Composer & Electronic dance music with African origins born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She currently specializes in Ambient music, Electronica and House music.


In 2006, while attending university, Joy Zahar started her first Metal Band “Deveiled”, and got her start composing and performing Death Metal Music.

After finishing a bachelor in Business Systems Management, Joy entered the corporate world where she assumed several managerial positions. Shining in her career, she used her acquired experience and skills to follow through on her true passion – Music[1].

2013–2017: Iklil Beirut

In 2013, Joy founded an all-female band, 'Iklil', consisting of Marwa El Sherif; Lead Singer / Synth, Lea Haddad; Bassist / back vocalist, Melissa El Hani; Drummer and herself as the lead guitarist. The band gained popularity and had them touring and performing around cities in Lebanon and in the region[2].

In 2015, picked from amongst approximately 20 bands, 'Iklil' received the People's Choice award at 'The Grand Factory' in Beirut for the annual Beirut Open Stage Competition[3]

Notable Performances: April 2015 - Beirut International Jazz Festival[4]

May 2015 - American University of Beirut's yearly Out of Doors event[3]

June 2015 - Fete De La Musique[5] at The Grand Factory.

July 2015 - Jim Beam Rocks Festival on July 18 where 'Iklil' opened for Glenn Hughes (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple).[6]

May 2016 - Beirut Cultural Festivals that were held from May 17-22, 2016 and featured stars from the Arab World, Ragheb Alama and Nancy Ajram.[7]

2015–2020: Lead Guitarist for Ragheb Alama

As 'Iklil' was still performing, Joy caught the attention of renowned, International Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama and in June 2015, she was approached by his team and became the lead guitarist in his band.[1] Up until 2020, Joy toured with Ragheb Alama performing in over 300 concerts worldwide including the United States and Canada[8].

2019–Present: Solo Career

In July 18, 2019, Joy Zahar performed a guitar solo medley of Oriental/Rock music at Bnoss Jounieh Summer Festival 2019 with Said Mrad, a well known DJ and Producer in the Middle East and Worldwide.[9]

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the music industry, Joy decided to focus on her solo career and started producing original tracks[10]. She proceeded to sign with Believe Digital, a major distribution company, in February 2020.

She released her first two audio tracks 'Electric Push' on April 30, 2020, and 'Forgotten Dreams' on May 6, 2020.

Her following two tracks 'Keep Going' (May 29, 2020) & 'No Matter What' (July 29, 2020) were both released with Official Music Videos.[11][12] 'No Matter What' a track that was released a week prior to the August 4th, 2020 explosion which rocked Lebanon[13], was shot in North Governorate|North Lebanon, showcasing the beauty of two Lebanese beachfront villages, Enfeh and Chekka[14].

She appeared on the morning show 'Sabah El Yawm' on Al Jadeed Television on October 30, 2020, to promote her single 'No Matter What' and announce the upcoming release of her new track 'Dunya' with its accompanying music video[10].

Joy Zahar proceeded to release 'Dunya' on November 20, 2020, marking it the latest addition to her EP, 'Scratch Line'.

'RAW' is her latest single, released on January 29, 2021. "Distinctive electronic rhythms, with flashes of classic music, and a remarkable 90s-inspired pulse"[15] inspired the making of RAW which took several months to produce in the studio. 'RAW' was also released on all major music streaming platforms with its own Official Music Video.[16]

On February 19, 2020, Joy Zahar appeared on the morning show 'MTV Alive' on MTV (Lebanon), a Lebanon television station, and subsequently was interviewed by renowned journalist Gaby Lteif on Monte Carlo Doualiya on February 25, 2020 to promote the release of 'RAW'. She spoke about the importance of following one's dreams, and encouraged Woman, in particular, to act upon their passions and keep going no matter the obstacles[17]. In her appearance, she introduced her upcoming projects which, she mentioned, would be similar in style to 'RAW' in that she wishes to continue to incorporate a 90's beat within the electronic music she creates[8].

Joy Zahar's tracks are released on all major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Anghami, Deezer, YouTube Music, iTunes, and she is now an independent and Certified Artist.



  • Mr. Cowboy (2016)
  • Bad Attention (2016)
  • Bensa w Betzakkar (2016)
  • Hustler (2018)

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