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Joseph Schnaier
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Joseph Schnaier has an impressive career as a financier and entrepreneur, and he has more than a quarter century of experience in his field.[1] He is well known as a respected leader and boasts a long track record of success over his many years working in the industry. Joseph is the former Wantickets’ CEO and President.[2]

Early Life and Education

Joseph Schnaier first began working in 1996 as an entrepreneur and investment banker on Wall Street. Over his career, his expertise has been focused mostly in the areas of private equity investments. This includes buyouts, rollups, growth equity, and also PiPes. He spent years gaining experience and building connections with businesses across the country as well as in Europe and the Middle East.


Early in his career, Joseph advised growth companies on financing and strategic alternatives for Meyers and Associates as a Senior Vice President of Investments. Along with being the former President and CEO of Wantickets, and in addition he has co founded the companies Friedman Schnaier & Associates and DOD Marketing Corp, which have since been acquired.


Joseph Schnaier has always held being of assistance to others as a core value. He is committed to always taking any opportunity to give back to his community, whether it be through donations, events, or other charitable efforts.

In addition, he has founded the Joseph Schnaier Scholarship for Finance Students,[3] which will provide scholarship funding to one hardworking student who is studying on their way to a career in finance. In the process, Joseph is also hoping to boost awareness about the financial struggles that students undergo along their paths into the field of finance.[4]


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