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John Callaghan
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Born (1969-09-02) September 2, 1969 (age 54)
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Known forDoctor Who stories

John Callaghan (born 2 September 1969[1]) is a musician, Model (art)[2] writer[3] and performance artist.

Formerly with Warp records.[4], he is signed to independent music label Antigen Records[5]. He is also part of the electronic act Eccentronic with Susi O'Neill AKA mistress of the theremin[6] Miss Hypnotique and has released a number of transport-themed songs[7] including a song parodying the Edinburgh Tram[8].

He has worked as a producer and director for a number of musicians including Professor Elemental, Paul Vickers, Lee Ashcroft and Namtao.

His 1998 track "I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind"[9] aired during MTV's Chill Out Zone in 1999 [10], and also featured in a Guardian round-up of songs about gender[11] in October 2015. The B-side "Give me some air" played on the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1[12][13]. His 2010 single "Once More with Feeling" was released with a knitted cover.[14]

He has contributed a number of Doctor Who-themed tracks to the Wife in Space podcast. He provided music for a limited edition EP 'The Raves of Androzani', including The Ballad of The Raston Warrior Robot which was played in a BBC Tees feature with Neil and Sue Perryman.

He regularly performs live and is sometimes known for his 'eccentric'[15][16] and 'frenetic energy'[17].

He is a self-confessed Doctor Who fan, Asexuality and a Vegetarianism[18].


He has written a number of Doctor Who stories.[3] In 2008 he contributed to Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life: How the Doctor Changed my Life, an anthology of Doctor Who stories compiled by Simon Guerrier.[19] He contributed to the 2009 anthology Short Trips: Indefinable Magic edited by Neil Corry.[20]


He has worked with a variety of artists, as a co-performer, producer, illustrator and director.

Chap-hop artist Professor Elemental:

Miss Hypnotique as part of electronic act Eccentronic:

Yeah Yeah Noh:

  • Slipstream Dream (production)[24]
  • Let's Start a War (remix)

Mr Twonkey aka Paul Vickers:

  • A Yarn from Twonkey's (animation and music)
  • King Newt (animation and music)



  • Newsreal (1990)
  • Oddments (1991)
  • WarpVision (2000) Described as "one of the label's most obscure signings"[25] he featured on a compilation album released by Warp (record label)|Warp records.[26]
  • Nesh (2001)
  • Every Kiss Takes A Minute Off Your Life / Guidance (2004) (John Callaghan, Avrocar (band) Promo CD)[27]
  • Won't Lovers Revolt Now? (2005)
  • Dance Music Extras (2005)
  • It Might Never Happen (2005)
  • John Callaghan's Cortical Charabanc (2019)
  • Come On Bass, We've Got Work To Do (2020)
  • If Every Day Were Like This One (2020)

EPs and Singles

  • I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind (1998)
  • You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams (2000)
  • Every Kiss Takes A Minute Off Your Life
  • Thirty Years On The Dancefloor (2008)
  • You Lack Discipline (John Callaghan and Miss Hypnotique) (2010)
  • Once More With Feeling (2010)[28]
  • Little Things Go Wrong (2017)


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