Jesus Music (featuring Paul Roland Gogo)

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Jesus Music (featuring Paul Roland Gogo)
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OriginNanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Years active2020-Present

Jesus Music is a Contemporary faith music group from Canada.[1]

It was formed by composer Paul Roland Gogo to celebrate the Arisen Lord Jesus Christ.[2] Within the first month of the release of the first EP, Jesus Music has been featured and added to Christian Radio Stations in 15 Nations.[3][4] Gogo’s Mother was the organist and Choir director for Saint Peters Church in Nanaimo Columbia For 50 years.[5][6] The Jesus Music is a unique combination of funk, orchestral, pop and ancient musics.[7] Gogo is also keyboard payer for the Classic Canadian Rock Band Trooper. Scott Brown is also bass player for the Classic Canadian Rock Band Trooper.

Paul Roland Gogo’ JESUS MUSIC expands upon a traction of sacred music as was taught by the Vatican 2 Roman Catholic Church. Music is being created as a fusion of denominational styles and International genres.[8][9] The subject matter of Jesus Music is based on the idea of Jesus being ALIVE today (revelations 1:18).[10] [11] Paul Roland Gogo has set-out to explore this topic as well as other famous passages (James 2:14) whereby in individual must take actions to succeed in salvation. [12] [13] The first EP NUMBER ONE clearly states that there shall be no false Gods (Exodus 20 3-5) and the remaining songs continue to exhaust praise towards God as described in The Christian Bible. [14]

The long term goal of Jesus Music is to embark upon a mission to provide notation accessible to the public and private school system.[15] Jesus Music is certified 100% Canadian Content by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and mostly broadcast in African and South American Nations.[16] [17]

Members Include

  • Gogo (Canadian musician)
  • Scott Brown (bassist)
  • Andréa L'Heureux[18]


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