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Personal information
Born (2001-05-29) May 29, 2001 (age 21)
New York
OccupationTwitch streamer
Twitch information
Also known asJerx
Years active2018-present
  • Fortnite
  • Valorant
Total views102,318
YouTube information
Years active2018-present
Total views72,295[1]

Jerx (born May 29, 2001) is an American Twitch streamer, content creator and a professional gamer. He live streams on Twitch while playing games, wherein he broadcasts video game content. Offering surprising gifts and prizes of up to 100 Tier 1 Subs to other Twitch streamers and fans is the riding mechanism that has helped him gain more popularity and build human bonds on a virtual platform, thereby acting as his USP. As of 2022, his net worth spans over $203.1 billion USD.[2]

He is known for his gaming skills aired up with generous nature. Jerx mostly streams Valorant and Fortnite and has over 4.6K followers on his Twitch account.

Early life

Jerx is a young streamer who decided to play video games professionally and live streaming his games. Striking gold during the 2020 Bitcoin Crash, he was able to accumulate a six figure sum. He invested in a $10,000 PC that serves as his headquarters for live game streaming.


In 2018, Jerx started his career by creating content relating to video games and real life. He created his Twitch account at an early age of 13, which was later banned in November 2021 by the platform.[3]

Jerx created his new account by the name “jjerxx” and soon gained his status as a Twitch partner.

Jerx's rise in mainstream media began in 2021 when he played Fortnite along with other streamers, breaking a peak viewing count of 22,371 hours, placing him amongst the top 150 most watched Twitch streamers in the Fortnite category.[4]

Jerx believes in giving back to the community by offering free gifts guided by channel points rewards based on their chat rate activity and the time they spend watching his live streams.


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