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Jazmin Bean
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Born7 February
London, England
NationalityUnited Kingdom
CitizenshipLondon, England
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Makeup artist
Years active2017–present
Musical career
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  • Alternative Metal
  • Electropop
  • Electro-industian
  • Trap
  • R&B
LabelsInterscope Records

Jazmin "Jasmine" Bean (born 7 February; London, England) is a British singer-songwriter and makeup artist. They are popularly known for their bold makeup looks and their whimsical and surrealistic visuals on social media. This gained the attention of magazine Vogue, who later interviewed Jazmin in October 2019.[1] Following in the same months, Jazmin would drop their debut EP titled Worldwide Torture. Four of the EP's songs received music videos, which all gained massive success in view count on YouTube. After signing with Interscope Records in 2020, Jazmin would go on rerelease their debut EP as their first studio album in November. They are also the founder of the makeup brand Cult Candy Cosmetics.[2] Jazmin identifies themselves as a non-binary person, using they/them pronouns.[3]

Early life

Jazmin was born on 7 February, in London, England. Living in a religious area of London, they would go on to describe their experience with getting strange looks on the streets because of their "strange looks".[1][2] They began experimenting with makeup around the age of eleven, transforming their face and physical appearance, and being inspired by their dolls.[1]


2019-2020: Worldwide Torture

Jazmin would start their activity on social media in 2017. Their musical career however, wouldn't start until August 2019, when their debut single "Worldwide Torture" would be released.[4] Their bold looks and aesthetics caught the attention of Vogue, who would film an interview and a makeup tutorial with Jazmin in October 2019.[1] In the same month, Jazmin would drop their debut EP Worldwide Torture, who spawned the previously released title track.[5][6][7] The project would be met with a lot of possitive critical acclaim, who praised them for the direction of the EP.[5] For further promotion, music videos for the songs "Saccharine" and "Hello Kitty" would be released,[8][9] with them gaining 30 and 6 million views on YouTube respetively as of December 2020.[10] In late 2019, two standalone singles – "War Zone Urchin" and "Pesticides" – would be released.[11][12][13][14]

On 7 February, 2020, Jazmin would released a single and a music video for their song "Birthday Bitch", which was gifter to their fans as a gift for their birthday.[15] In March, "Super Slaughter" would be dropped as a single.[16] In October, Jazmin would take it to social media to annouce the rerelease of their EP Worldwide Torture,[17] as well as the annoucement of the single "Yandere".[18] The rerelease of the EP, also known as Worldwide Torture: The Re-up, would be released on 11 November 2020 under Interscope Records.[19][20][21] It spawned three of the previously released singles, including a fourth single, "Monster Truck" featuing Zheani,[22] and a cover of Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" (2001).[18] For further promotion for the rerelease, a music video for the song "Princess Castle" featuring Cottontail would be uploaded to the singer's YouTube channel in the same day.


Jazmin Bean's work was met well with the public eye, who commented and appreciated their aesthetic. Raúl Guillén, writing for Spanish site jenesaispop, compared Jazmin's works to Marilyn Manson and Melanie Martinez, commenting: "If you are a fan of Marilyn Manson, you will like to see how their post-metal-pop spirit survives in the new generations. If you are a fan of Melanie Martinez, you will like to know that she is not the only artist building a disturbing world from children's fantasy of pastel colors".[23] He would go on to say that the most exciting thing about Jazmin is the imagery surronding her music video, calling them "suitable for the most impressionable public" and complimanting Jazmin for their "ideas and concepts much more elaborate than those of established and popular groups and artists".[23] French website RTS Culture described Jazmin as "the perfect blend of the aesthetic of Alice in Wonderland, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hello Kitty - unlikely and confusing".[13]

In her review of the Worldwide Torture EP, Lily Frick complimented Jazmin for their captivating music, calling their imagery "strange [and] surrealist", and noting that "it draws you in, and they don't disappoint once they have you in their grasp".[5] Another review by Vocal writer Annie Williams, also complimented Jazmin's style of music, by naming the album as her favorite album that came out that year, calling all the songs "strong and interesting", as well as "quite cohesive" and "a fun rollercoaster".[17] In December 2020, Jazmin would be featured on DIY's "Class of 2021" magazine.



Title Release details
Worlwide Torture[upper-alpha 1]
  • Released: 11 November 2020[21]
  • Label: Interscope Records
  • Formats:Digital download


Title Year Album
"Worldwide Torture"[4] 2019 Worldwide Torture[upper-alpha 2]
"War Zone Urchin"[12]
"Pesticides"[14] Non-album single
"Birthday Bitch"[24] 2020
"Super Slaughter"[16] Worldwide Torture[upper-alpha 2]
"Monster Truck"[22]
(feat. Zheani)


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