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Jay Jay Live
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Born (1988-06-25) June 25, 1988 (age 35)
Other namesJay Jay, Jay Jay Live
  • International speaker
  • PR agency
  • Personal brand advisor
OrganizationAce Of Spades Agency

Joshua Jayaweera famously known as Jay Jay (born June 25, 1988) is an Australian International speaker,[1] PR and media specialist and a personal brand advisor.[2][3] Jay founded a digital PR and media agency, Ace Of Spades, that helps grow and scale personal brands.[4] He has worked with different brands and entrepreneurs that have had a major impact on his PR agency and at a personal level as well.[5][6]

Jay speaks at business events, networking groups, workshops, seminars and conferences on the topics of brand management, business scalability, digital marketing, product differentiation, advertising and related topics.[7]

Early life and education

Jay Jay was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Growing up, he wanted to be a footballer but discovered his talent as a magician later on. Inspired by David Blaine’s street magic show, Jay started his career as a magician.[8]


At age 15, Jay started his full-time career as a magician. He started his YouTube channel in 2011 focussed on magic tricks that has garnered over 57 million views in a span of over 10 years.[9] In 2021, Jay founded his digital PR and media agency, Ace Of Spades[10] which focuses on growing and scaling personal brands. This success earned him the opportunity to launch several other careers as a television personality, and a motivational speaker on stages in 30 different countries[11] as well as many placements on television and other media as well. Throughout his career as a PR and media specialist and a personal brand advisor, Jay has been featured in multiple TV shows across the world.[12][13]

In the media




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