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Jarl Jensen
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Jarl Jensen

(1971-07-22) July 22, 1971 (age 51)
Westwood, NJ
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationBachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Alma materBoston University
  • Author
  • Inventor
  • Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
Years active1996 - present
Known forThe Wolfe Trilogy’ book series and book 1 ‘Optimizing America’ being free on Amazon
Height6 ft 4 in (193 cm)

Jarl Jensen (born 22 July 1971) is a Danish American entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, author, and keynote speaker.[1][2] He is the founder and CEO of Inventagon, a leading research, and development firm.[3] Jensen is known for his best-selling book series- ”The Wolfe Trilogy”. Jensen specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, corporate training, engineering design, writing, user experience design, and 3D design.[4]

Jensen is a renowned inventor of several patented medical devices and has over 20 years of experience working in the medical industry. He has been featured in several media outlets/podcast shows and is the recipient of the Medical Device Design Award who holds 25 patents under his firm’s name.[5]

Jensen, as a renowned business executive, is also considered an industry expert in terms of the New World Economy, especially Bankism and Essential Liberty, and aims at raising awareness on these subjects and finding potential solutions.[6]

Early life and education

Jensen was born on 22 July 1971 in Westwood, NJ. He enrolled at the Boston University in 1990, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering for four years.


Jensen started his career in 1994 when he joined EuroMed Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical devices, as the CEO. He worked for over 20 years with this firm, during which he assumed several Research & Development leadership roles. Jensen earned his first patent when he was just 18 years old.[7]

In 2007, Jensen was appointed as the Chapter Chair of YPO, a non-profit organization based in Texas. Jensen in 2009, founded Inventagon, an R&D firm that aims at promoting product innovation and helping doctors turn their product ideas into businesses. Inventagon leverages patents to gain a competitive advantage that allows its clients to expand their business with high margins. Clients of Inventagon include major Universities, Orthodontic companies and wealthy investors of the longevity project. Jensen’s total retail sales for all patented products reached one billion dollars in 2018.[8]

Jensen, throughout his career also focused on the global economic system, and has been actively involved in the understanding of its potential threats and solving them. His diversified thoughts on major topics like Bankism, Engineering The Economy, and Essential Liberty are thoroughly explained in his bestselling books.[9]

Jensen has worked with several high profile clientele to diversify their sales channels, create brand awareness programs, and help them gain search visibility along with scaling their business to get more traction. He launched optimizingamerica.com, a movement website, dedicated to fixing the global banking system and the problems it causes including global warming, poverty, war, global debt, extremism, pollution, health care dysfunction, economic depressions (boom and bust cycles, social injustice, income disparity, wealth gaps of people and nations and social discontent (suicides, overdoses, terrorism, mass shootings, partisanship, uprisings)[10]


Jensen is the recipient of the Medical Device Design Award and holds 25 patents that have retail sales of over a billion dollars.


  • Optimizing America: Published in 2017[11]
  • Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil: published 2018
  • America's History of Empowering Wealth: Understanding the Consequence of Money Controlling Political Power (Optimizing America Booklets), Published in 2018
  • Hacking The American Economy: Changing the role of monetary policy (Optimizing America Booklets), Published in 2018
  • The Big Solution: Stopping the Doomsday Machine, Publishing in 2021[12][13]

Personal Life

Jensen’s father was also a successful inventor and businessman. He is presently married with three kids - twin boys and a daughter. Jensen is fluent in English and Danish.

In the media



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