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James Monteith
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James Monteith (1831-1890) was an American author of widely-published geography textbooks in the nineteenth century.[1][2] Monteith was born in Ireland, immigrated to the United States as a child, and lived his whole life in New York City. Monteith taught for many years in New York's public school system and began publishing textbooks on geography and history in the 1850s, initially collaborating with Francis McNally.[3][4] Monteith's influences included Alexander K. Johnston, Arnold Henry Guyot|Arnold Guyot, Matthew Fontaine Maury, and Emma Willard|Emma Hart Willard.

From the early 1850s to the 1880s, A.S. Barnes and Co. published many different versions of Monteith geography textbooks, which grew larger, more detailed, and more sophisticated over time.[5][6][7] Over the course of his career, Monteith's style grew more unique and innovative, combining many different approaches to comparative geography and symbology.[8][9] File:Monteith Comprehensive 1876 cover.jpg|alt=Geography textbook cover|thumb|Cover of 1876 edition of Comprehensive Geography by James Monteith File:Monteith 1885 title page.jpg|thumb|Title page from 1885 Edition of Barnes's Complete Geography by James Monteith Monteith's textbooks remained in print for decades after his death, published by the American Book Company (1890)|American Book Company as Barnes's Complete Geography.[10][11] Monteith probably produced more than one hundred different editions and versions of his geography textbooks in his lifetime: the Library of Congress alone holds 44 different listings for Monteith. Monteith was recommended for membership and elected as a Fellow of the American Geographical Society on November 18th, 1879.[12] In the 1880s, Monteith was involved in the development of the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan, where he first purchased land in the 1860s, and the northward extension of the subway.[13]

Monteith's obituary in the New York Times noted that "nearly every school boy and girl in the country is familiar with [his name] because of its being on the cover of the geographies."[14] Monteith is buried in Philadelphia's Laurel Hill Cemetery alongside his first wife Emma Palmer Monteith and his second wife Ella Florence Brown.[15][16] File:Monteith grave 2021.jpg|alt=James Monteith gravesite|thumb|Grave of James Monteith at sunset in Philadelphia's Laurel Hill Cemetery


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