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Jamel Baines
Jamel Baines1.jpg
Brooklyn, NY
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Entrepreneur
  • film producer
  • actor
  • real-estate investor
  • Jamel Baines Productions
  • La Casa Company
Height5’ 10”

Jamel Baines is an American entrepreneur, film producer, actor, host, speaker and real-estate investor. He is a founder of Jamel Baines Productions, an award winning film production company and La Casa Company, real estate investment company. Baines has worked in a number of films and is one of the recognized faces in Hollywood, he is known for his role in a number of movies including, The Box, Altitude and Going Black.[1][2]

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Baines is known for giving opportunities to people and has been credited to help several creative artists to help them point in the right direction and their current success. He has worked with big name entertainment industry professionals including Nick Cannon, Ne-Yo, Jadakiss and several others.[3]

As a real estate investor, he has completed several projects in Atlanta city and Africa. Publicly, Baines is often seen motivating people to achieve success by following a direction through his social handles and videos.[4]


Baines was born in Brooklyn, NY. Right from his childhood, he was inclined towards entrepreneurship and startups. Baines used his New York state of mind to help guide others in their business and running startups.[5]

Baines has also used his expertise casting talent and producing television content. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with numerous prominent directors, actresses, models, singers, such as Nick Cannon, Ne-Yo, Jadakiss and other big name entertainment industry professionals.[6]

Today, many creative artists have credited Baines in pointing them in the right direction and their current success. This focus on the entertainment Industry began with Baines working as a VJ in New York City on a show called Make It or Break It, and his self proclaimed show called Rated Reality, aired on public access television in Brooklyn and Manhattan New York. While here, Baines gained valuable experience in production and on-air interviewing. During his time as a VJ, Baines dominated the red carpet as a host to many celebrity packed events. B.E.T, MTV Networks and others.[7]

Outside of his work as a host, Baines has produced and hosted a documentary, which was viewed by millions from all around the world. Due to the success of the documentary, Baines was invited to speak on a panel of authors, hosted by the prestigious Yale University.[8]

Real-estate investor

As an entrepreneur his real estate investment company with projects based in Atlanta, Africa and other places abroad. Jamel Baines La Casa Company with partner companies, plans to build affordable short term housing in the years to come.


Year Movie Notes
TBR The Box Actor, Producer, Director, Writer
TBR Angie's Cure Actor, Producer, Director, Writer
2019 I Got the Hook Up 2 Actor
2018 Going Black Actor, Producer
2017 Bill 2/29 Actor
2017 Hacker Actor
2017 Altitude Actor
2017 Gemini Actor
2016 This Is What You Sound Like Actor
2016 Angry Insecure Men 2 Actor


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