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A film producer is a person who is in charge of the production of a film. Producers are involved in all elements of film production, whether they are hired by a production firm or working independently. They organise and coordinate different areas of film production, including screenplay selection, writing, directing, editing, and obtaining funding.

During the "discovery stage," the producer seeks for and chooses potential raw materials for further investigation and development. In any case, unless the film is based on an already-written screenplay, the producer is responsible for hiring a screenwriter and overseeing the script's development from start to finish. Once a screenplay has been finished, the producer will conduct a pitch in order to get financial support (sometimes known as a "green light") that will enable production to begin.

In addition, the producer is in charge of overseeing the pre-production, main photography, and post-production phases of the filmmaking process. One of the most essential duties is to recruit the director as well as other key members of the production team. When it comes to production, the director is in charge of the artistic choices; however, the producer is in charge of the logistical and commercial operations, however some filmmakers also produce their own films. The producer's primary responsibility is to ensure that the film is completed on schedule and within budget. Finally, the manufacturer will be in charge of the marketing and distribution of the finished product.

For a variety of reasons, manufacturers are not always able to oversee the whole manufacturing process. As a solution, the main producer or executive producer may hire and delegate work to associate producers, assistant producers, line producers, or unit production managers.