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Jaime Vivanco
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Vivanco in 2000
Birth nameJaime Doimo Vivanco Skarneo
Santiago, Chile
DiedJanuary 17, 2003
Santiago, Chile
Occupation(s)Pianist, composer
Years active1980-2003

Jaime Doimo Vivanco Skarneo (1960–2003) was a Chilean pianist and composer known for his participation in notable musical groups such as Congreso, Fulano and Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, and his collaborations with other bands such as Upa!, and Schwenke & Nilo.[1]


Jaime Vivanco studied Pedagogy in Musical Education, Bachelor of Composition, Piano, Popular Orchestration and Musical Arrangements at the University of Chile Conservatory. He participated in a wide variety of seminars and in-depth courses on composition, jazz composition, musical performance techniques, modern music, minimalist, electronic and electroacoustic music. He also conducted workshops abroad with musicians such as Billy Cobham (legendary drummer of the Mahavishnu Orchestra), and Jeff Berlin, a well-remembered bassist who played with Bill Bruford. In 1990 he won the APES award as the best keyboardist of that year.[2][3]

One of his most important musical projects was his presence since 1984 in Fulano, the seminal group of what could be called the jazz-rock movement in Chile. Beginning as a creative workshop, it became a whole new musical form of the 1980's Chile. Cristián Crisosto, Jorge Campos and Willy Valenzuela got together at that time, who had already come together from their stage in Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, and invited Arlette Jequier, Jaime Vásquez and of course Jaime Vivanco. As a result of this long history, Vivanco participates in the four initial productions of this excellent Chilean band, in addition to being the author of iconic songs such as: Suite Recoleta, Perro chico malo, and the renowned among several others. In the extensive career of this group there are very important milestones and distinctions; in 1989 they won "Apes" award for contribution to Jazz, in the same year "Best Rock Group", nominated by the Radio Concierto, and in 1990, they are invited to Havana, Cuba, to participate in the Plaza Jazz Festival, together with musicians of the level of Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval, Chico Freman and Irakere.[4][5]

In 2004 and after Vivanco's death in 2003, the group decided to release a live album with the latest performances with Vivanco, as a tribute. Later the band would dissolve until their reunion in 2009. He was nicknamed Dr. Vertical by his groupmates due to his great mastery of harmony. In 2015 he appeared again on an album by Fulano when he opened Animal en extincion with a brief work recorded several years before, as a recognition to Jaime by Cristián Crisosto and Jorge Campos for being an essential part of the group. He also appears on the compilation album Fulano en la Batuta 1993, released together with the previous one.[6][7][8]

Parallel to Fulano, in 1986 together with Campos, they enrolled in Congreso, another musical facet of Jaime's extensive career. With this band he had the opportunity to record nine productions and play a fundamental role in the harmonies that imaginatively unite jazz with native sounds, in addition to participating in several tours to the US, Costa Rica, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, and France among others. "Jaime was a musical genius. A person who was very consistent with his ideas, who played for what he liked. I think he had a very big heart and soul for his body," Pancho Sazo concluded shortly after his death.[9]

A close friend of Luis Le-Bert, leader of Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, Jaime Vivanco participated as a pianist and arranger in the highest points of his discography. In them, he shared credits with Pedro Villagra and his old acquaintances from Congreso, Jorge Campos and Sergio González Morales.

Death and tribute

Vivanco's last years were difficult. Separated twice, which caused him deep depression, added to the death of his parents and sister almost consecutively made him seclude himself in a huge house in Recoleta, melancholical about his future, he devoted himself to giving his piano lessons, his main source of income. His death in January 2003 shook the Chilean music scene since a few days ago another emblematic Chilean musician Eduardo Alquinta from Los Jaivas had died. Due to an acute pulmonary edema, Jaime died prematurely at the age of 42, leaving a great legacy in Chilean music, the emptiness in his main groups Congreso and Fulano, and the sadness of his relatives and colleagues.[10][11][12][13]

Starting in 2018, the group Mediabanda, led by his friend Cristián Crisosto, presented the show “Mediabanda Plays Fulano”, premiered at the Teatro Oriente with guests such as Pablo Ilabaca, Nicolás Vera, Consuelo Schuster, and Como asesinar a Felipes, paying tribute to the music of the mythical Chilean fusion band Fulano, and in particular the great master Jaime Vivanco, interpreted with new arrangements by Tomás Ravassa on keyboards, and Aurelio Silva on guitar, in a staging that exudes energy and attitude. Maquinarias was the album's name and was finally released on July 1, 2021, on streaming and CD. The album is dedicated to the composer, who tragically died in 2003 but continues to influence younger musicians, and contains ten new arrangements of his compositions in Fulano, which had the collaboration of the Ilabaca brothers (from Chancho en Piedra), the actor and folklorist Daniel Muñoz, and the singer Consuelo Schuster, among others.[14]​​[15][16]

In the celebration of the 50 years of the band Congreso in August 2019, images of Jaime were projected while listening to the song Cero problema, recorded for the album Pichanga by Jaime in 1992.[17][18]


With Congreso

  • 1986 – Estoy que me muero... (ALERCE)
  • 1987 – Gira al Sur (ALERCE)
  • 1989 – Para los arqueólogos del futuro (ALERCE)
  • 1990 – Aire Puro (ALERCE)
  • 1992 – Los Fuegos del Hielo (ALERCE)
  • 1992 – Pichanga (ALERCE)
  • 1994 – 25 años de música (EMI)
  • 1995 – Por amor al viento (EMI) (Re-edited en 1997)
  • 1997 – Mediodía (IRIS MUSIC)
  • 2001 – La loca sin zapatos (MACONDO – SONY MUSIC)

With Fulano

  • 1987 – Fulano
  • 1989 – En el Bunker
  • 1993 – El infierno de los payasos
  • 1996 – Lo mejor
  • 1997 – Trabajos inútiles
  • 2004 – Vivo (posthumous)
  • 2015 – Animal en extinción (posthumous)
  • 2015 – En la Batuta 1993 (posthumous)
  • 2017 – En Los Ángeles de Chile 2002 (posthumous)


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