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Jaime Manteiga
Jaime Manteiga 2020.JPG
Born (1989-09-29) September 29, 1989 (age 34)
Havana, Cuba
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Masters in App Development (CICE)
Years active2011 - present
OrganizationTAPTOK Inc.
Known forFounder of Taptok and Information Security Researcher
Net worth740k-920k USD (estimated)
Height"178 cm"

Jaime Manteiga (born 29 September 1989) is a Cuban-American technology entrepreneur and Information Security Researcher.[2][3][4][5] He is the founder of Venkon Corp, a computer and network security firm headquartered in Miami, Florida.[6] He has also founded a TAPTOK, a revolutionary approach for contact sharing technologies. Manteiga has over a decade’s experience in IT Consulting and Cybersecurity and holds public recognition from top-tier organizations such as Tesla, Shopify,[7] United Airlines, and Spotify.[8][9]

Manteiga is best known for developing and testing IT Security architectures. He holds professional certifications from CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).[10][11][12]

Manteiga is an official member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and Forbes Technology Council.[13] He has been featured in several media outlets including, Forbes, PR Web, Kivo Daily, INC. and others.[14][15][16]

Early life and education

Manteiga was born on 29 September 1989 in Havana, Cuba. He has a Master's degree in Application Development from CICE. Manteiga also holds several professional certifications from reputed organizations.


In 2011, Manteiga started working for Bridge Century Technology as a developer. Manteiga worked for over a year with this firm, during which he served as a project manager of building custom tools for profit and loss, exposure reporting, investment modeling, risk management, pricing, trade processing, and reconciliation. Manteiga also developed proprietary solutions to automate customer inquiries and designed Web-based ASP.NET Internet applications linked to firm-wide SQL databases.[17]

He joined Investigaciones Informáticas as a senior IT Security and Forensics Analyst. Manteiga worked for over three years with this firm, where he was responsible for conducting vulnerability scanning and identifying system and network vulnerabilities.

In 2014, Manteiga became a senior IT Security consultant engineer for Elevate Consult. He worked for three years with this firm, developing mitigation plans and performed remediation activities based on the findings to resolve network and system vulnerabilities to meet its compliance requirements.

Manteiga, along with working for Elevate Consult, also joined Trunity, a San Francisco based eLearning solutions company as a cloud network engineer. Manteiga worked for over four years with this firm, assuming different roles. Manteiga became the director of the cloud infrastructure and security in 2015. During his tenure at this firm, Manteiga overlooked engineering support, maintained network documentation, reviewed selections on bids for contracted projects, amongst other things.

Manteiga founded Venkon.us in 2014, a computer and network security firm headquartered in Miami, Florida. Venkon specializes in offering specific solutions for cyber-security threats and IT compliance requirements to their clients.[18] Manteiga founded this company to design custom-tailored solutions that address information security challenges faced by different types of businesses and organizations.

In 2016, Manteiga joined iSEC International, a computer and network security firm based in Florida, as the CTO. Manteiga worked for over a year with this firm and contributed to its global success.[19]

In 2020, Manteiga launched TAPTOK INc., to offer a revolutionary way for better networking. The company offers two products TapTok Cards, a digital business card and TapTok Dots, phone dots for the digital age. TapTok allows to contact-less technology by bringing TapTop cards closer to another person's device and the information is instantly transferred. The company's innovative started getting attention right after its launch from users and media.

Manteiga became an official member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), a leading, prestigious community for young entrepreneurs, in 2019.[20][21][22][23][24]

In 2020 Manteiga was appointed as a Forbes Technology Council Member.[25][26]


Manteiga is the recipient of the Tesla Hall of Fame, Spotify Hall of Fame, and Shopify Research Awards.[27]

Licenses and certifications

  • Máster Profesional Especializado en Programación .NET .MCPD

CICE, La Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías Issued in 2012

  • MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications

Microsoft Issued in 2012 Credential ID: D945-8404

  • Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 (70-480)

Microsoft Issued in 2013 Credential ID: 1033080

  • MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Issues in 2013 Credential ID: E150-5808

  • C|EH v7 - Certified Ethical Hacking

EC-Council Issued in 2013 Credential ID: EC976680

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

ISACA Issued in 2019 Credential ID: 1069142

Personal Life

Manteiga is an avid sportsman, he was a professional Chess Player from 6 yo to 14 yo, after that he switched to Racquetball. He currently lives in Miami and is seen frequently participating fundraising marathons.

He is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.



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