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Jackson L. Crisp
Jackson L. Crisp.jpg
BornJuly 18th
Other namesBig’ Jackson Crisp, Jackie Crisp
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma mater
  • Cheyenne East High School
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Entrepreneur
  • Public Speaker
  • Business Mentor & Coach
  • Credentialed Inventor
  • Former Professional American Football Player
  • Crisp Global Inc. (Founder & CEO)
  • NFL Alumni, Las Vegas (Vice President)
Height6 ft 8 in (203 cm)
  • Clarence J. Crisp (deceased) (father)
  • Barbara A. Anderson (mother)
  • Asali Crisp (Sister)
  • Connie Crisp (Sister)
  • Jason Solis (Brother)
  • Kevin Griffis (Brother)
  • Phil Crisp (Brother)

Jackson Crisp is an American entrepreneur, international speaker, mentor, business consultant, and former New York Jets NFL Offensive Tackle.[1]

Crisp is a sought-after motivational speaker, inspiring audiences with his insightful keynote talks and training in peak performance, mindset, productivity, influence, and focus.[2] His profound understanding of the human condition and unique storytelling connects with audiences, inspiring action, as he delivers engaging presentations and talks as a sought-after mentor, consultant, and paid speaker.[3]

Crisp is the founder of Crisp Global Inc., a knowledge products company, including speaking and training services, that empowers individuals and businesses to create positive impact in the world.[4]

As a previous Board Member and [Current] Vice President for the Las Vegas Chapter of the NFL Alumni, in addition to being an advisor to Unsilenced Voices, Jackson is a true inspiration, making a lasting impact professionally and in the community.[5]

Throughout his career, Crisp has collaborated with the US Government and renowned companies such as Hewett Packard, Aera Energy LLC, Chevron, and Sandia National Laboratories, offering his expertise in engineering and high-level project management.[6]

An engineering graduate from Colorado School of Mines, Crisp has over two decades of project management experience and holds several patents and trademarks.

Early life and education

Crisp was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to a single mother. His biracial heritage and natural ability to connect with others from all backgrounds instilled in him an early awareness of the human condition from various perspectives. Despite being labeled as 'learning disabled, AKA undiagnosed severe ADHD' in school, Crisp displayed remarkable tenacity, and resilience, graduating with honors from both high school and college, in college also receiving the Authur Ashe Jr. ‘Academic and Athletic Achievement’ Award.[7] In 1995, Crisp earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

An epitome of vivacity and humor, Crisp was known for his lively spirit. His affable nature helped him cultivate harmonious relations with his peers, underlining his strong interpersonal skills. Throughout his life, Crisp has been guided by the principles of 'live and let live', striving to treat others with respect and integrity. His life journey, marked by both adversity and accomplishment, shapes the inspiring figure he is today, a testament to the power of perseverance and authenticity.

Crisp, an esteemed member of the NFL Alumni Association, was born with an innate passion for innovation, helping people, and competition. His journey to professional sports was as unconventional as it was inspiring. Standing at an impressive 6'8" and weighing 230-lbs as a ninth-grader, Crisp was naturally drawn towards the athletic world. Engaging in wrestling, track, basketball, and football in junior high, and continuing track, basketball, and football through high school, his undeniable talent was unmistakable. However, a severe wrestling injury during ninth grade, fracturing the head of his humerus bone near his shoulder socket, cast a grim shadow over his future sports career.

Undeterred by this setback, Crisp secured a full ride athletic scholarship initially, and despite his skeptics, later earned a full academic scholarship, to pursue a degree from the Colorado School of Mines, an esteemed engineering institution. Simultaneously, his towering presence on the football field did not go unnoticed. Despite the institution's then lack of recognition as an NFL recruitment ground, Crisp received academic and divisional football honors during his junior year, capturing the attention of NFL scouts. This recognition paved the way for a regional NFL combine tryout opportunity. His exceptional performance at the combine sparked interest among several NFL teams, a validation of his talents and dedication.

In an unexpected twist, the year of his draft witnessed an unusual scarcity of Offensive Lineman selections, shrouding his NFL future with uncertainty. The NFL prospect draft predictions of being picked in the 3rd or 4th round turned into disappointment when Crisp went undrafted. However, the next day an NFL Team offer through his agent was received, Crisp soon found a new home as a Free-Agent Offensive Tackle with the NY Jets. The journey wasn't smooth-sailing, with intense competition, and a steep learning curve waiting for him, but a journey Crisp readily accepted and rose to the occasion for.[8]

Striving to secure a spot on the final roster, Crisp gave his all, garnering the respect of the coaches, during the spring and fall camps, along with scrimmages and preseason games. Despite his valiant efforts, he was released during one of the final cuts. Yet, the story wasn't over. Crisp was unanimously selected by an NFL coaching committee for the World Football League (WFL) with the Dusseldorf Rhein Fire in Germany. Despite suffering a season-ending knee injury while playing in Germany, there were still plans to bring him back to compete in the following NFL season.

During his recovery period, Crisp sought medical help for his deteriorating shoulder, a remnant of his ninth-grade wrestling injury. What was intended to be a routine surgery to ease his pain and boost his performance turned out to be a career-ending decision. The removal of large bone spurs, which were compensatory growths from his initial injury, effectively ended his shoulder's capacity to endure the rigors of professional football. Despite the heartbreak, Crisp remained resilient, returning to his engineering roots at Hewlett Packard, who had shown unwavering support throughout his NFL journey.

As a previous Board of Director Member and current Vice President of the NFL Alumni Las Vegas Chapter, Jackson Crisp stands as a testament to perseverance and dedication, a beacon for those who dare to dream. His journey, filled with the thrill of achievement and the sting of disappointment, serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes and engineers alike. Though his professional sports career was cut short, Crisp touched the realm of glory, proudly representing his school and the sport he so dearly loved. His story continues to resonate and inspire, reminding us all of the power of resilience, the importance of passion, and the beauty of dreaming big.

Personal and Business Development

In 2019, driven by a passion for elevating performance and achieving excellence, Crisp founded Crisp Global Inc. The organization offers various programs and services to enhance individual, group, and business performance. Under the brand name "BIG ACTION™ LIFE," the organization caters to entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations, providing inspired speaking, coaching, and training for hyper-accelerated results.

As an active public speaker, Crisp provides motivational and keynote talks, and regular consulting and training as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in project management, peak performance, leadership, team building, and processes (systems).

Charity and Philanthropic Contribution

From 2019 to 2021, Crisp was a Board of Directors Member for Unsilenced Voices, a non-profit combating domestic abuse and human trafficking. Working with President Michelle Jewsbury on the development of US awareness and services campaigns (programs).

From 2019 to 2021, Crisp was a Board of Directors Member for the NFL Alumni, Las Vegas Chapter,[12] working with then President Linden King and Vice President Morlon Greenwood.

In 2021 (through present), Crisp transitioned from a Board of Directory role to that of Advisor for President Michelle Jewsbury of Unsilenced Voices.[13]

In 2021 (through present), Crisp took up a leadership role as Vice President of the NFL Alumni, Las Vegas Chapter. Collaborating with chapter president Morlon Greenwood and the leadership team, he leverages his extensive personal and professional network and technical and communication expertise to create mutually beneficial opportunities that support the chapter, retired players, children, and the community.

Project Management and Engineering

Crisp began his career in 1995 as an engineer and program manager at HP. He worked in marketing, engineering, project, and program management, focusing on OEM product development, manufacturing improvement, and design standardization. He emphasized continuous process improvement throughout his roles.

From 2000 to 2006, Crisp served as a wellness consultant and life coach at Jackson Fitness. His responsibilities included developing and overseeing wellness programs for corporate clients. He offered personalized life and health coaching services and collegiate and professional sports training.

In 2007, Crisp joined Aera Energy LLC as a project facility manager. He managed projects and facilities for one of California's largest oil and gas producers, responsible for 25% of the state's production. His achievements included optimization projects using Six Sigma and Lean Construction principles, developing a company-wide SOE learning tool, and providing engineering support for a $100 million water processing plant. He also contributed to the state-of-the-art water processing plants and a Networked Basin Settling Pond System.[9]

In 2010, Crisp founded OraDine LLC, a dinnerware startup that successfully reached national-level product distribution in the consumable market. As the CEO, he oversaw operations, engineering, sales, and marketing. Crisp effectively managed supply chain processes, spearheaded product packaging, executed sales strategies, and fostered strong and productive relationships with crucial customers.[10]

In 2012, Crisp joined Chevron as a project engineer and manager. He oversaw projects on an 800-active oil well field in Southern California managing an average annual project budget of $40 million. Crisp strategically planned and executed projects to optimize resources, control costs, and increase profits. He ensured compliance with regulations and developed various engineering documents for the projects.[11]

In 2016, Crisp joined Sandia National Laboratories as a senior project manager, overseeing tightly controlled projects for this advanced DOE and DOD nuclear weapons, energy, and special programs development facility. He concurrently managed a portfolio of 25 to 35 active projects with budgets ranging from $25K to $2.5M+. Projects included control implementations and upgrades, skid assemblies, building renovations, HVAC installations, utility expansions, experimental facility installations, and high-security area enhancements.

Community initiatives

Outside of his professional pursuits, Crisp actively contributes to the community as a previous Board Member, current Advisor, for the non-profit organization 'Unsilenced Voices.' This organization operates globally, combating domestic violence and human trafficking. His dedication to advocacy and prevention efforts reflects his commitment to creating a safer and more secure environment for individuals affected by abuse.[12]

Through his work as the Vice President of the NFL Alumni Las Vegas Chapter,[13] a non-profit dedicated to improving the community, caring for kids, and caring for our own, Crisp participates with, and makes regular appearances at charity and business related events that benefit kids, our own, and the community.


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