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JIFU Travel, LLC
FoundedNovember 2018
FoundersJeffery Boyle, Bradley Boyle
Boise, ID
United States
Key people
Jeffery Boyle (CEO)

Bradley Boyle (President)
Matthew Garff (board member)
Doug Allen (COO)

Phillipe Mopser (SVP of Field and Leadership Development)
ProductsHospitality, tourism, affiliate marketing

JIFU Travel, LLC, doing business as JIFU, is an American company which operates an exclusive travel membership-only platform for wholesale travel, vacations, cruises and car rentals to travelers at heavily discounted prices. JIFU can offer these programs by utilizing algorithms that identify unsold inventory by various travel providers. Members of the JIFU platform can access deals that are not widely available to consumers. The company also offers an affiliate marketing program where referred subscription memberships have paid out over $1 million in commissions within the first few months. Additionally, because JIFU does not mark up the travel prices from the original wholesale prices.[1]

The JIFU travel portal can be used to book hotels, flights, cruises, resorts, condominiums, golf, activities (city based excursions), rental cars and many more travel related activities. In addition to this there are ways to earn reward credits and cash back from thousands of retailers across the world. Additionally, through a partnership with restaurant.com, there are thousands of restaurants that offer JIFU members exclusive pricing by utilizing points accumulated while booking travel. As of 2019, JIFU is listed as number 26 in the world for home based business opportunities as published in the Business for Home momentum rank report.[2]


JIFU was founded in November 2018 by Jeffery Boyle and Bradley Boyle. The founders have held senior positions for companies including World Consulting Group, Networking Star and Sanki Global. They put up their own capital to start the company and launched it in May 2019. The founders collaborated with travel providers to sell their unused inventories at a better price. These have been primarily monopolized by travel sites like Priceline and Expedia. JIFU offers a paid membership-only program, without additional margin for their travel programs and services unlike other travel websites.[3]

JIFU’s Exclusive Travelers Club program allows its members to save up to 75% with an average of 33%-43% for 2-night stay package on lodging, transportation, tours, air travel and cruises over the travel websites.[4]

Management team

  • Jeffery Boyle, JD – CEO: Jeffery Boyle has been involved in the direct sales industry for over fifteen years in every role imaginable. Jeffery has served as a start-up specialist, President, Chief Executive Officer, top performing field representative and marketing consultant.
  • Bradley Boyle, – President: Bradley Boyle has worked in various capacities in international expansion as the CEO and Managing Partner. Before founding JIFU, Bradley was the lead consultant that helped create the largest joint venture to date between a large North American and Chinese direct sales companies for the People’s Republic of China. Both companies have annual sales in the billions of dollars.
  • Matthew B. Garff – Board Member: Garff is an owner in the Ken Garff Automotive Group, which is currently the 8th largest automotive Group in the country according to Automotive News.[5]
  • Doug Allen – COO: Allen has over 27 years executive management experience with billion-dollar per year network marketing companies such as Nu Skin Enterprises, MonaVie, JoyMain, and Nerium International. Doug has led teams that have successfully expanded business into over 60 new countries and territories throughout the world.
  • Philipe Moser - SVP of Field and Leadership Development: Phillipe is a 31 year affiliate marketing veteran. His role at JIFU is to support, develop, and empower leaders in the field as a direct bridge between them and JIFU corporate. Phillipe has spent the majority of his time as an independent affiliate building teams and organizations around the world. Mr. Moser has even been on the cover of Success Magazine three different times.


The members and affiliates of JIFU’s exclusive travelers club receive exclusive, unlimited access to their booking portal, to price guarantees including a 7-day, money-back guarantee, and to a priority concierge service that allows trip planning, trip changes and event coordination. JIFU membership also grants Buddy Passes worth about $100 that give access to hotel and rental savings. Upon signing up for membership, members get five free Buddy Passes to hand out. These passes provide friends 50% savings on the prices JIFU members and affiliates pay.[6]

In addition to a basic membership, JIFU offers an affiliate marketing program to its qualified affiliates that offers up to 65% payout as commission, bonus and travel reward credits. The affiliates can select an enrollment pack that is right for them. These packs include Silver pack, Gold pack, Platinum pack and Diamond pack. The commissions are paid weekly and JIFU claims that members can earn upto $250,000 per week through its team tree and enrollment tree structure. Affiliates can also convert reward credits into a paid commission.[1]


JIFU provides a range of products for vacation timeshare programs. To be a JIFU member, one must purchase a monthly subscription, however buddy passes are available for free and provide half the discounts of the monthly membership.[7]

JIFU Travel Review



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